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Alyssa Verzino | Jul 06, 2022

6 Growth Metrics for Legal to Present

To be seen as a business partner, legal teams need to drive growth (and show that they do). Successful legal teams...


Tim Parilla | May 04, 2021

5 Internal Clients You Should "Wow" as a New General Counsel

You've just been hired as the new General Counsel at your organization, and one of the first questions you might ask...


Operating in an Economic Downturn

Top 5 Aspects of the GC Role

OmniTRAX Onboards LinkSquares in Six Weeks to Meet Critical Deadline and Streamline Compliance Process

Navigating Unlimited Liability

Best Practices for a Legal Team of One: Part 1

Navigating the Wild World of Legal Reviews

5 Final Ways to Rid Your Life of Scanned PDFs

Is Your Legal Team a Profit Partner?

4 Tips for Surviving a Data Breach

Job Hunting? Read These Tips for In-house Legal

3 Ways to Boost Your Legal Team's Reputation

Employee Spotlight: Eliana Lee

3 More Reasons to Get Rid of Scanned PDFs

3 Ways You Can Access Cockpit Counsel This Summer

Why AI is Both Over and Underhyped

Grow Your Legal Team With These 8 KPIs

3 Reasons to Get Rid of Scanned PDFs

How to Evaluate Legal AI Tools

In-house Legal? Your Summer Reading List is Here

Quickly Summarize the Terms Governing your Contractual Relationships

Pow! How to Defeat Non-Standard Contract Supervillainy

The Startup's High-Growth Playbook: $0 to $10M ARR in Two Years

Build Your Network: Legal Groups and Leaders to Follow

6 Growth Metrics for Legal to Present

Proactive Data Privacy: How Legal Can Prepare for 2023 and Beyond

How ADARx Uses LinkSquares to Scale as They Approach Clinical Trials

LinkSquares Is One of G2’s Contract Management Leaders… Again

How to Manage Video Conference Contracts for Virtual Success

Top 6 Metrics for Legal Ops to Track

LinkSquares Wins 2022 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award

Draft and Review Agreements in Microsoft Word

4 Ways Automated Contract Analysis Limits Liability

How to Raise a Successful Round

BBJ Names LinkSquares #1 On 2022 Best Places to Work List

How In-House Legal Leaders Can Drive Corporate Growth

Supercharge Your Legal Team with Specialized Contract Storage

Why Biotech Companies Need CLM

Force Majeure Smart Values at LinkSquares

3 Ways Specialized Contract Storage Supercharges Legal Teams

3 Ways AI Empowers Legal Teams

How to Leverage Contract Data with LinkSquares API

3 More Documents You Need to Run a Business

Running a Successful Board Meeting

4 Ways to Improve Your Contract Workflow

LinkSquares Reduces Risk Exposure by 75% According to Forrester

3 Types of Documents You Need to Run a Modern Business

3 Ways to Improve Your Contract Workflow

What Is a Contract Repository?

How to Thrive on a Fast-Paced Legal Team

3 More Ways Contracts Get Stuck and How to Fix Them

Why Is OCR Important?

All About Personalized, Easy Onboarding at LinkSquares

Common CLM Myths: Part 2

3 Ways Contracts Get Stuck and How to Fix Them

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

LinkSquares Delivers $1M in Contract Process Efficiency

Common CLM Myths: Part 1

How The LinkSquares Legal Team Stays GDPR Compliant

4 Key Benefits of CLM Software

Power Up Your Contract Approvals

Take Your Legal Team Into the 22nd Century: Join Us at CLOC!

SCC Updates: Info for Legal Teams

Forrester Study: Reduce Outside Counsel Spend by 86%

From G2 Venture Partners: Why We Invested in LinkSquares

3 Ways to Generate Business Value with Legal Ops

Contract Management Best Practices: Cutting Costs

Choosing the Best eSignature Tool

How To Write Contracts That Help You Survive A Data Breach

LinkSquares’ Approach to Developing AI

Contract Management Best Practices: Cost Savings

DocuSign vs. Adobe Sign vs. HelloSign vs. PandaDoc vs. LinkSquares Sign

Accelerate Your Contract Execution with LinkSquares Sign

How to Prevent and Survive A Data Breach

Speed up Redline Review with Document Comparison

LinkSquares has nearly a billion-dollar valuation. Cheers to our journey!

9 Contract Management Best Practices

How to Recruit & Retain Top Sales Talent

LinkSquares: Your Dedicated Team of Experts

DraftKings Accelerates Their Contracting to Keep Up with a Rapidly Scaling Business

The GC’s Guide to the First 90 Days

ProPharma Uses LinkSquares to Accelerate Their Support of Pharmaceutical Companies

Cliff’s Notes 4 Legal: All About the New LIBOR Legislation

LinkSquares Delivers NPV of $2.71M

6 Common Business Documents for Companies

9 Outdated Laws That You Might Have Broken

LinkSquares Ranks No.19 on Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Forrester Study: LinkSquares Delivers 352% ROI

GC Tips: How to Build Rapport in a New In-House Role

How Modern Legal Teams Benefit from CLM

The Ultimate Tech Stack for In-House Legal Teams

LinkSquares Ranks #5 on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List

30 Resources for Legal Leaders: People, Books, and Beyond

Cockpit Counsel: Building Your GC Brand

Webinar Series for Legal Trailblazers

The KPIs of Top Legal Leaders

The Importance of Generous Parental Leave

Reframing Impostor Syndrome

From GC to C-Suite: Tips for Building Your Brand

Going In-House? Here’s What CEOs Are Looking For.

LIBOR Transition Guide for Legal Teams

How to Grow a Legal Team

Expose Risk in M&A Contracts and Commitments

How to Expose Pandemic-Era Risks In Contracts

LinkSquares Earns Spot on G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards

How to Expose Data Privacy Risks in Contracts

What is CLM?

How to Choose the Right CLM Solution

Tales From the Term Sheet: Raising Capital

Save Effort and Risk Across M&A Events

Steps to Success: Legal Team of One

Prioritize Tools That Integrate Beyond Legal Tech

Workflow Solutions for Modern GCs

How Modern GCs Accelerate Deal Flow

The New General Counsel Playbook

5 Fundraising Questions for Your GC to Answer

What Makes a Good GC?

Log4Shell: What Legal Teams Should Know

LinkSquares: The First End-To-End CLM Powered by AI

LinkSquares Wins Built In’s 2022 Best Places To Work Award

LinkSquares Named G2 Leader In Winter Report

AI-Powered Legal Tools Are Not Going To Replace You

2021 in Review

LIBOR Transition Update

Cogito Saves $50,000 a Year with LinkSquares

Key Strategies for Legal Tech in 2022

Homegrown AI: It’s Part of Our DNA

6 Best Practices for a Successful Legal Team of One

BenchPrep Uses LinkSquares to Scale Their Legal Function

The Legal Impact of LIBOR on Contracts and Business

How Legal Teams Close the Quarter Strong

The Link: Letter From the CEO

Ransomware Groups Targeting M&A Activity

Announcing Our 100th Smart Value!

COVID-19 Mandates: What Legal Teams Should Know

Evaluating Contract Management Solutions? 4 Questions to Consider

Contract Management Software Needs Advanced OCR

3 Practical Impacts of AI for Legal

Effectively Audit Your Customer Contracts: Part 2

Effectively Audit Your Customer Contracts: Part 1

What is LIBOR?

How to Evaluate Contract Management Software: Step 3

How to Evaluate Contract Management Software: Step 2

How to Evaluate Contract Management Software: Step 1

3 Steps to Minimize Contract Management’s “Time to Value”

3 Ways Technology Fuels a Collaborative Legal Team

How to Raise Capital for Your Business

Partnership Between Legal and Sales: Step #3

Partnership Between Legal and Sales: Step #2

Partnership Between Legal and Sales: Step #1

LinkSquares Ranked on the 2021 Deloitte Fast 500™

Study These Tips to Help You Budget Time and Scale Your Biz

How Standardized Contract Language Reshapes Legal Practices

Uncover and Track Third-Party Paper Risk

What’s on Third-Party Paper? Here’s How to Figure It Out.

The GC’s Guide to an Effective Contract Portfolio Audit: Step #4

8 Productivity KPIs Every Legal Team Should Track

The GC’s Guide to an Effective Contract Portfolio Audit: Step #3

How to Maintain GDPR Contract Compliance with LinkSquares

GDPR Compliance: Primary Contract Clauses to Focus On

GDPR Compliance: Key Terms for Your Contracts

Legal Operations: What It Is and Where to Start

The GC’s Guide to an Effective Contract Portfolio Audit: Step #2

What Legal Teams Should Know About LinkSquares AI: Some FAQs

6 Growth Metrics Your Legal Team Needs to Track

The GC’s Guide to an Effective Contract Portfolio Audit: Step #1

How to Keep Your Contracts Compliant with Automated Analysis

6 Key Performance Indicators for Your Legal Team

Legal & Sales: An Unstoppable, Money-Generating Duo

Bringing it in-house: What to look for when hiring a general counsel

What Is Structured Data? Let’s Break It Down.

How to Protect Against Cybersecurity Attacks

3 Tips for Running A Remote Legal Team (Successfully)

EDB Uses AI Contract Data to Uncover Insights

AI Enlightened: 4 Steps to Data Epiphany

Artificial Intelligence Transforms Legal Tech

Tales from the Term Sheet: Expediting Fundraising

How to Evaluate Legal Tech’s Time-To-Value

Combat Supply-Chain Attacks With Contract Management

3 Steps to A Strong Partnership Between Legal and Sales

The Link: Letter from the CEO

Cockpit Counsel: Data Privacy with Andy Dale

3 Risks Hidden in Your Contracts

Crisis Response: Put Your Contract Data to Work

Why Legal Teams in Healthcare Need CLM Software

3 Smart Values That Guarantee Cybersecurity

How to Strengthen Cybersecurity With Contract Management

The 4 Contract Stipulations Every CSO Should Demand

Organize Your Legal Agreements Like A Boss

How We Used LinkSquares to Accelerate Our Series B Fundraising

Healthcare Needs “Traditional” CLM Software, Too

Contract Problems Your Healthcare Organization is Ignoring

How to Stay Ahead of the Changing Regulatory Environment

An Introduction to Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software

How Legal Can Use Data to Be a Better Business Partner

Ride the Wave of Innovation for Legal Teams

LinkSquares Raised a $40 Million Series B

New Features in LinkSquares Finalize and Analyze

Integration Can Make or Break Your CLM Solution's Success

Why Integration Matters Most When Choosing an eSignature

Top KPIs for Legal Teams