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Why eSignature Is Crucial to the Contracting Process

No matter how many deals you have in your pipeline or how talented your sales reps are, without a streamlined way to collect signatures on your contracts, you won’t be able to close deals quickly and collect revenue on time.

Contract processes that still depend on printing and scanning PDF contracts are holding you back. Not only does it require more time and internal resources to manually sign contracts, but printing to sign contracts removes the signature step from the lifecycle and introduces risk into the process as a whole.

This is why eSignature is an important part of contract management. Without it, teams unwittingly add weeks or months to the contract process.

3 Reasons You Should Care About eSignature

Electronic signature — or eSignature — is a digital method of signing a contract. Introduced in the early 2000s and validated by both the ESIGN and UETA acts, eSignature is now a preferred way for businesses to collect signatures on their contracts.

Here are some reasons you should care about eSignature:

eSignature Saves Time

If your company is in a high-growth stage and doing a high volume of business, chances are, your lean legal team is swamped. And an overwhelmed legal team is one that barely has time to execute contracts, much less dream up innovative initiatives to drive the business forward. Electronic signature (eSignature) tools help reduce your workload by making signing simple and by removing the guesswork from knowing the status of a contract at any given time.

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eSignature Helps Close Deals Faster

Imagine that a deal is ready to move forward. But your partner or client receives a contract that is one hundred-pages long in their email – which they then have to print, sign, scan, and re-upload. Needless to say, all these things delay the deal from closing. This costs the company money. Additionally, it can seem daunting enough to your signatory to wait that long for a simple deal to close. With a reliable eSignature solution, you can collect signatures faster and move deals down the funnel without unnecessary delays.

Sign Contracts in Your CLM Platform

End-to-end contract management is ideal because it keeps all the moving parts of your contract process in one place. Removing a contract from your contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform to sign it creates a disjointed lifecycle and increases the risk of incorrectly storing your signed agreement. Decentralized contract management is risky, and jumping between tools to manage each part of the process means higher chances of manual error.

Your team will accomplish more with the right eSignature tool in place. As part of an end-to-end contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution, LinkSquares Sign gives teams more insight into the signing process, provides updates about the status of an agreement at any given time, and keeps the signature step within the same platform as the rest of the contract.



Using eSignatures to send and receive contract signatures helps sales close deals faster and takes a lot of manual labor of legal’s plate. See how LinkSquares Sign can give your team visibility into the sign step of the contract management process — request a demo today.

Alyssa Verzino is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.