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KSL Resorts Finds Cross-team Visibility with LinkSquares

Ross Greenman is the vice president & general counsel at KSL Resorts in Irvine, California. KSL Resorts is a full-service hospitality company that manages more than 20 world-class resorts across the U.S., U.K., Thailand, Mauritius, and Fiji. 

Ross’s key challenge: With properties and offices across the world, KSL Resorts has to keep track of contracts across several entities, jurisdictions, and teams. With LinkSquares, however, every step of the drafting process is centralized within LinkSquares Finalize for easy status tracking and collaboration across different offices and time zones. Likewise, with their executed contracts and data in LinkSquares Analyze, they can easily surface the particular agreements they need, whether they're searching for specific terms, properties, vendors, and so on. 

In his own words: “My #1 favorite thing about LinkSquares is that I know where all of our contract and related data is because it’s in one place… and those on my team or other colleagues can go in and find things they need without having to ask legal to come search for them.”

LinkSquares Analyze is the AI-powered repository of choice for legal teams looking to transform their contracts into actionable data. With automated data extractions and customizable reports and dashboards, Analyze mitigates risk and boosts revenue.

LinkSquares Finalize accelerates the creation, review, and approval of contracts with a single platform that integrates with your current tech stack. From custom workflows to self-service templates and seamless team-wide collaboration, Finalize makes it easy to get contracts from request to signature. 


Mat Calabro is a Sr. Customer Advocacy & Community Manager at LinkSquares.