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Introducing the LinkSquares Finalize API

We are so excited to introduce the LinkSquares Finalize API, rounding out our LinkSquares API. With the Finalize API, you can integrate virtually any system with LinkSquares Finalize.


Does your procurement team want to draft, request, and track their agreements directly from their vendor management system? Or maybe your sales team wants to do the same, but from their CRM. That’s why we built the Finalize API: Each team gets the ability to stay within the platform of their choice but still has access to the power of LinkSquares Finalize.

Empower teams like procurement and sales to draft, request, and track their agreements directly from their vendor management system or CRM — saving you time and headaches. Those requests and records are pushed to Finalize for you to manage, review, and approve. No more slacking status updates or managing requests in a spreadsheet.

The LinkSquares Finalize API unlocks the ability to build integrations to draft or request contracts from other systems, add attachments to existing agreements, and view contract updates such as status and agreement versions from other systems.

While popular request or project management tools like Jira or Asana can be used by teams across an organization, below are a few tools specific to the  teams that can be connected via the LinkSquares Finalize API:

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 5.03.59 PM

If you choose to set up the LinkSquares Finalize API, our integrations team will work closely with you to plan, implement, and support. However, your developer will be primarily responsible for setup.

Curious to learn more about APIs? Check out our “What is an API” blog post. If you’re ready to learn more about the LinkSquares Finalize API, schedule a demo today, or reach out to your Customer Success Manager!