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6 MUST-LISTEN Podcasts for In-House Legal

Back in the day, when legal professionals wanted to learn more about their industry, they visited the law library, attended conferences, and read white papers. Today, in addition to these traditional resources, they have access to thought leaders and subject matter experts via YouTube, LinkedIn,  podcasts, and even TikTok.

Today, let’s talk about podcasts. Podcasts help legal professionals stay current on industry trends, develop their careers, and explore new tech advancements. For legal professionals trying to get and stay on top of their game, here are six must-listen podcasts to tune into:

Cockpit Counsel

Hosted by LinkSquares Chief Legal Officer Tim Parilla, Cockpit Counsel is a podcast and webinar series that shares insights into how in-house counsel can navigate even the most turbulent times of in-house counsel work.  On each episode, Parilla invites a guest — legal leaders, subject matter experts, and more  — to share their career path and thoughts on topics like legal AI, building in-house relationships, data privacy, and more.

The Legal Ops Podcast

As the name suggests,  The Legal Ops Podcast is a podcast for legal ops professionals seeking career development and updates on developments in their relatively new field. The Legal Ops Podcast, hosted by Alex Rosenrauch and Elliot Leibu, covers legal tech topics ranging from CLM investment and industry standardization to ChatGPT and digital transformation.


Lawyerist is an organization dedicated to helping small law firms and legal professionals thrive in a modern legal environment. In addition to their website and book, Lawyerist also has a podcast for legal professionals who are on the cusp of innovation and trying to future-proof their in-house department. On their podcast, lawyers, thought leaders and coaches offer legal professionals insight and guidance on tech developments, regulations, business strategy, and resources to leverage to build a strong legal team–both in-house and at a law firm.

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Paralegal Voice

The Paralegal Voice is a podcast that offers strategic and tactical guidance for paralegals. Hosted by Jill I. Francisco and Tony Sipp, The Paralegal Voice airs every two weeks and talks about everything from improving writing skills, DEI initiatives, e-discovery and data management, and even upcoming conferences. It is primarily geared toward paralegals, but legal professionals of all kinds can find it useful.

ABA Law Student Podcast

Whereas the previous podcasts were catered to in-house or law firm lawyers, the American Bar Association’s (ABA’s) Law Student Podcast is a monthly podcast dedicated to law students and recent graduates and covers topics that can help transition smoothly into a legal career. Topics range from finding jobs in niche industries to attending law school at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), the Bar exam, and discussions of recent court decisions.

Unbillable Hour

Hosted by Christopher T. Anderson, the Unbillable Hour is a “law practice advisory podcast” that offers best practices guidance to legal professionals who work in or own a law firm. Topics range from tech adoption and creating business systems to marketing your business and finding the right employees to help get it off the ground. They also host a community table where lawyers can share and receive solutions for issues they face in their practice.


These are just some of the many podcasts you can tune into to learn more about your industry, and how other lawyers handle issues and develop your career. For more ways to stay abreast of developments in the legal industry, subscribe to our blog.

Alyssa Verzino is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.