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Triple Threat: In-House Legal’s Top 3 Challenges (and Solutions)

Being part of an in-house legal team can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At LinkSquares, our technical solutions attorneys (TSAs) spend their days talking to droves of lawyers across industries and have identified the biggest pain points you may come across in your daily work. We thought we’d highlight the three most common complaints and how our all-in-one legal technology platform can make them disappear. (Poof!)

“My to-do list is a mess!”

Post-its, spreadsheets, handwritten notes…how do you even begin to keep track? You can start tackling that to-do list by managing all your work in one place – not just contracts – with real-time tracking and automation to improve consistency across the organization.

 Hear more deets from TSA Bettina.


“It’s impossible to quickly find the info I need from my contracts.”  

The legal world moves at lightning speed, and you can’t afford to spend hours scrambling for important information. Instead, store all your legal agreements in a single, secure location with built-in AI and customizable features for faster, more efficient work.  

Get the full scoop from TSA Aidan.


“My contract creation process is chaotic, and there’s no way to report on my team’s impact.”

Creating contracts can be completely haywire, and it's more frustrating when you can't see the impact of your hard work. Now, you can streamline contract management; integrate with familiar tools for flexibility; and use real-time data and customized dashboards to see your team’s influence on business. 

 Discover more awesomeness from TSA Heather.


The challenges in-house legal faces are significant, but we’re here to help you take control of your workload, simplify processes, and report on your team’s contributions with the click of a button. Our TSAs are committed to transforming the way you work, giving you the gift of time and influence within your business. So, if you’re ready to make these pain points go poof, set up a chat with one of them today. 

Lauren Brown is a Senior Copywriter at LinkSquares.