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Resource Rundown: Data Privacy and Compliance

With everything else on your plate, keeping up with data privacy regulation can feel like an extra burden. It’s one more thing you know you need to do to help keep your company safe, but you keep pushing it further and further down your list, until it becomes a permanent fixture that you don’t even realize is there anymore. 

We know that data privacy and compliance is a key initiative in scaling businesses and growing legal teams like yours. So we’ve gathered a list of resources that might make it easier for you to keep up with what’s happening in the data privacy and compliance space.

Here are a few data privacy and compliance resources to get you started:


Every topic has about 70 podcasts dedicated to it — and data privacy and compliance is no different. Hosted by various experts in their own field, these podcasts cover all things data privacy, from cybersecurity tips and tricks to best practices for protecting your data.

Websites and blogs

Websites and blogs are other useful sources of up-to-date developments in the data privacy and compliance landscape. These web pages and articles report the latest data privacy news and discuss how changes affect both businesses and consumers.


You can also use annual reports to track trends in data privacy and compliance over time. This lets you  compare one year with another and make strategic forecasts about the future of your business.


When in doubt, turn to the professionals. Believe it or not, there are people who dedicate their entire careers to studying and knowing everything about data privacy and compliance. Follow them on LinkedIn, Medium, or their blogs. 

Also check out some of our evergreen content on data privacy and compliance.


Staying in the know about data privacy and compliance is key in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. These lists should keep your finger on the pulse so you can protect your business as best as possible. Pro tip: Instead of spending all your time tracking data privacy and compliance news and regulations, consider choosing a day and time each week to visit your resources and take notes of what you need to know.

Emily Weiner is a Marketing Campaign Manager at LinkSquares