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legal process automation
7 min read

3 Ways to Automate Legal Work

We hear a lot about the tech stacks of sales and marketing teams, but what about legal? What tools are needed to support the modern in-house legal team? Unlike a decade or so ago, today’s legal teams have access to tools specifically built for legal workflows.  

With the right mix of tools, legal can boost productivity and get more done in less time. While many teams focus on adopting contract lifecycle management (CLM) tools first, we know legal teams are responsible for more than just contracts. When combined, CLM, intake and project management, and eSignature tools transform a struggling team into a well-oiled machine.

Here are three ways to automate legal work — and the tools that help.

Automate intake of legal requests with an intake tool

Legal teams frequently field requests and questions from internal collaborators. But oftentimes those requests come through too many channels to keep track of them all.

You shouldn’t have to stand guard by your inbox or Slack waiting for inevitable requests to review marketing content, answer IP questions, or spin up sales contracts. And you definitely shouldn’t have to waste time tracking down requests and the info you need to fulfill them. Legal process automation helps you turn a manual weeks-long process into a focused afternoon. 

Leverage an intake tool to automate and centralize requests from all across the business. Better yet, let a project management tool handle your intake. Look for a project management tool that offers an intake form so requests can be tracked, managed, and reported on alongside all your other projects. A tool like LinkSquares Prioritize does just that — and it’s built specifically for legal workflows. 

legal task management

Automate contract creation with a pre-signature solution

Drafting and reviewing contracts are two of the most common requests the legal team receives. Still, you could have the smoothest intake process in the whole wide legal industry, but if you’re relying on manual work to create and track the progress of your agreements, then the benefits of your intake process will only get you so far.

Whether it’s an influencer contract for marketing or a business associate agreement for sales, legal teams need to be able to generate contracts quickly to keep deals moving.

With templates and automated workflows in a pre-signature tool like LinkSquares Finalize, legal can save time drafting, approving, and executing contracts. Looking to save even more time? Consider an eSignature tool that is built right into your CLM. Automate legal workflow solutions like these so in-house counsel can spend less time sweating the small stuff. 

Automate contract analysis with a contract repository

Okay, so you streamlined intake and automated contract creation, but what happens after the contract’s been signed? Can you recall it quickly and easily, or do you have to dig to find it? And what happens when you want to report on that agreement or agreements like it? 

Centralizing all your contracts in a searchable repository allows you to find, analyze, and report on your agreements with ease. 

With LinkSquares Analyze, you can find answers to your contract questions quickly. Get visibility into contract terms, stay on top of renewal and termination dates, and keep teams updated with automated reporting.   


The modern legal team needs more than just contract lifecycle management tools to truly excel. They need a comprehensive tech stack that includes intake and project management tools, a pre-signature solution, and a contract repository to automate various aspects of their workflow. 

These tools not only boost productivity but also allow in-house counsel to focus on more strategic tasks. The future of legal work is automation, and it's time for legal teams to embrace this evolution so they can live up to their full potential as revenue-generating, strategic partners.

See how LinkSquares can help your team automate legal processes and internal workflows — request a demo today.

Ashley Gaines is a Product Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.