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Streamlining Renewals with Backbone Media

Michael Davies is the VP, Finance & Operations at Backbone Media. Backbone Media provides public relations, media planning and buying, social media, and affiliate marketing, with a focus on clients in the active lifestyle market. 

Michael’s key challenge: Without a centralized and easily accessible repository, Michael and the Backbone Media team struggled to find the contracts they needed, especially around renewal time. With their contracts stored in LinkSquares, however, they were able to have all renewal dates extracted from their documents for immediate access. The dates even automatically populate a calendar for an at-a-glance look at what’s coming down the road. 

In his own words: “What we really want to do is get our contracts renewed on time… and LinkSquares is providing us with that tool, so that I can notify our team and we can start negotiations before those budget cycles get closed. And we’re ahead of the curve on our renewals because of it.”

LinkSquares Analyze is the AI-powered repository of choice for legal teams looking to transform their contracts into actionable data. With automated data extractions and customizable reports and dashboards, Analyze utilizes contract data to mitigate risk and boost revenue.

Mat Calabro is a Sr. Customer Advocacy & Community Manager at LinkSquares.