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Cockpit Counsel: Building Your GC Brand

"I want to be somebody leaders want in the room when discussing the hardest possible things." - Andy Dale, General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at Alyce

Building Your Brand In-house

There's never been a better time to be a legal leader in the corporate world. Executives and stakeholders need strategic problem-solvers to navigate business' unpredictable challenges and crises. With specialized knowledge and a strategic mindset, more General Counsels (GCs) are stepping up and embracing leadership roles.


For some, however, making their value known and becoming a strategic asset at the highest level of business doesn't always come naturally. In our latest episode of Cockpit Counsel, LinkSquares' Chief Legal Officer (CLO), Tim Parilla, sits down with Danielle Sheer, CLO at Commvault, and Andy Dale, GC and Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) at Alyce to discuss building your brand as a GC. Their conversation explores: 

  • Defining and establishing your role
  • Making allies in the business
  • Showing your value
  • Shifting away from being the department of “no”

If you’re a legal pro ready to raise your profile and gain more influence, this one’s for you. Check out their discussion. If you want to take the episode on the go, subscribe to the Cockpit Counsel podcast.

About Cockpit Counsel 

Climb into the cockpit with pilot and LinkSquares CLO Tim Parilla as he invites legal leaders aboard to share advice that will help you navigate even the most turbulent times of in-house counsel work.

Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for takeoff. We'll cover a range of topics from data privacy, legal team structure, public company transactions, and beyond. You don't want to miss this series.