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Technical Solutions Attorney Bettina Pancho
16 min read

Talk to a TSA: Meet LinkSquares Technical Solutions Attorney Bettina Pancho

In the last few weeks, we’ve been introducing you to LinkSquares’ rockin’ technical solutions attorneys (TSAs). As a refresher, these are licensed attorneys who know exactly what issues you're facing as you search for the right legal technology, and they’re here to help you find the best solution for your needs. TSAs are our secret weapons – they’ve walked in your shoes and understand the challenges of juggling multiple responsibilities while also providing strategic support. The best part? Each of them is as unique as the legal teams they consult with every day. And one of them is Bettina Pancho, a former creative-turned-litigator whom you may find on a run with her husky or scouting out vintage treasure when she’s not trying to help other lawyers transform the way they work. Here’s a quick Q&A to get to know her a little better. 

Q. What made you want to become a lawyer?
A. I come from a creative background, and during my undergrad and post-college years, I was bouncing around between various roles in the entertainment industry. As much as I loved the work, I didn't feel intellectually challenged, and I began thinking deeply about how our everyday lives are governed, who gets to dictate that, and why. Soon, I realized I wanted a career where I would never stop learning. The law seemed to fit the bill because it’s constantly changing to adapt (or not adapt) to the way our societal structures work and evolve over time. I also spoke with many lawyers before committing to law school and found it validating that they loved their jobs because they were always learning something new. As a lawyer, I'm armed with a transferrable set of skills (deep critical and analytical thinking, public speaking, writing) that I can harness to help me learn about anything and everything that interests me. To think critically and analyze something, I need to have a deep understanding of it. So, with this career, I always have a reason to go out and dive into the ins and outs of particular subject matters. To me, that’s pretty exciting.

Q. What type of law did you practice?
A. I mostly practiced defense/commercial litigation; many of the clients I worked with were corporations accused of some type of harm that entitled the plaintiff to recover monetary damages. Before that, I worked on regulatory compliance matters related to the Medicare and Medicaid Act and some pro bono work around anti-discrimination housing lawsuits. I sometimes still take on pro bono matters with any creatives or artists looking for legal advice, whether it's a simple contract review over a lease agreement for studio space, a work for hire contract, or an artist who wants to engage me to potentially litigate a breach of contract. In sum, I’m generally a litigator through and through but have experience with a lot of contract review (both in litigation discovery and as a separate matter).

Q. How did you end up at LinkSquares
A. I had already been looking for a way out of private practice, and I wanted my next move to be into the legal tech space. I've been passionate about technology and how it can move industries forward, and it’s not surprising the legal field is incredibly behind. Someone from LinkSquares reached out because of my background at startups. I researched the company and found myself aligning with their vision to propel legal forward, met with the team, and the rest is history! 

Q. What part of our mission here at LinkSquares do you connect with?
A. I like the idea of LinkSquares as being that all-in-one tech solution to usher legal into the modern age. The legal industry is so behind;  it's a field that's always reactive rather than proactive (and, personally, why I think so many legal problems persist today). Arming lawyers with reliable, efficient tech and actionable data lets them truly become leaders and visionaries in transforming how we do business, how we go about addressing societal issues, etc., instead of just stagnating as the people who take care of others’ messes. 

Q. During your demos with customers, have there ever been any memorable "aha" moments for them? 
A. The “aha” moment usually happens when I show them how quickly our
AI can extract key information out of documents that normally would take a junior associate hours (and I mean, hundreds of hours) to search for and compile (because I was one of those junior associates doing the same work).

Q. What’s your favorite part of your job?
A. My favorite part of my job is definitely conversations with lawyers from different industries. As a junior lawyer, I'm still early in my career compared to many of the GCs and CLOs I meet every day. Being part of these discussions helps me better understand their roles in their respective organizations, what industries they're in, and I'm able to compare and contrast the work a GC does in one industry to a GC from a completely different industry. It helps me think about where I want to go next in my career, and what space in the law I want to be a part of.

Q. What motivates you?
A. To feel fulfilled and satisfied in my life. I actively seek endeavors that’ll help me grow as a person and will bring me closer to my end goals (that is, to live a comfortable life, on my own terms, and to never have to wonder, "What if?").

Q. What do you wish people knew about TSAs? 
A. It's definitely not the traditional way of practicing law. You have to be a bit scrappier and more of a generalist when it comes to understanding how different legal teams work across industries. It requires adaptability and flexibility. And personally, it takes a lot of preparation on my end to ensure I know what I’m talking about when I'm in front of lawyers from unfamiliar industries.

Q. Why should people reach out to you for a demo? What’s the biggest benefit to them?
A. You can talk to a lawyer who knows what you’ve been through, knows what your pain points are, and isn’t trying to push you to make a sale. We don’t make commissions, so we’re not here to sell you anything – we’re here to help you figure out if LinkSquares has the solution for your needs.

Q. What’s your favorite lawyer movie? 
A. I don't watch lawyer movies anymore. Clearly, being a practicing attorney has ruined the magic for me. However, I do think “Erin Brockovich” stands the test of time for me. The premise of the movie centers around the discovery of a contaminated water site plaguing a local community. I think it’s still incredibly relevant today; this kind of contamination runs rampant from large corporations and manufacturers dumping toxic, chemical waste. I've always had an interest in environmental litigation because I love nature. The world we live in is beautiful, and we're quick to abuse it to our advantage – but the environment needs protecting, too.

Q. What are some of your interests outside of work? 
A. Yoga! I've done it sporadically over the last decade, but I’ve been more disciplined about it in the last few years and would even like to get certified in the future. Aside from that, I love to go for runs – I have a husky and he loves to run, so it's exercise for both of us. Vintage/consignment shopping for clothes, antique furniture, and trinkets to collect is another favorite pastime. Finally, although I’m super late to the game, I’ve been getting into baking bread, and I find it to be a great therapeutic avenue if I want to tune out for a bit.

Q. What's your fun fact? 
A. I hinted at this before, but my fun fact is that I started out as a creative and worked in the TV and film industry, as well as in fashion. My roles were pretty varied; mostly, I was an assistant cinematographer/assistant camera when working on independent film sets, but every now and then I was an extra on some larger studio television sets. My favorite pre-law job, though, was my foray into fashion. I did some creative direction work on photo shoots for fashion designers and was a stylist for a fun little startup called Stitch Fix when it was only about two years old. I also organized several fashion shows for some notable designers in the San Francisco area. As an event manager for these shows, I did everything from fielding problems with vendors or the guest list to running around making sure the designers had everything they needed for their models. It was wild, but I loved it!

Don’t you just want to keep chatting with Bettina? You totally can. Set up time to chat with her and get ready for guidance tailored to your needs from someone who knows just where you’re coming from. We’ll be back soon with more introductions to more of our terrific TSA-team.

Lauren Brown is a Senior Copywriter at LinkSquares.