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How Legal Project Management Tools Can Help You Focus on What Really Matters
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How Legal Project Management Tools Can Help You Focus on What Really Matters

Legal project management tools are the answer to in-house counsel’s efficiency crisis and mental health burnout.

On the one hand, it’s great that your legal team has become such an integral part of your business’s process. It means the leadership team trusts you and depends on you to move business forward. But on the other hand, your to-do list has never been longer and you’re fast approaching burnout. Even though you’re putting in more hours, progress is minimal because you’re not sure what to prioritize.

A burnt-out lawyer can’t protect the business or generate revenue. Take a load off and lean on legal project management tools to organize your workload and automate your workflows. Spend less time on tedious tasks, and more time driving value and focusing on your own growth.

Here are a few ways legal project management tools can take things off your plate and help you focus on what really matters.

You get an email from sales. A Slack message from finance. An in-person request from HR. Each team uses a different channel to make their requests, which means you’re constantly toggling back and forth between your inbox and various tools, manually tracking individual tasks. 

A legal project management tool gives your collaborators a centralized place to make requests. This gives you a more holistic view of your portfolio, enabling you to prioritize tasks more easily and find more ways to automate.

Manage your team’s workload.

When you assign tasks randomly — with little to no insight into how evenly they’re distributed across your team — you can easily make the mistake of over-burdening a single person, which throws the whole team out of whack. 

A legal project management tool lets you track who is responsible for which task, giving you a line of sight into your team’s workload. This allows you to be mindful when assigning tasks, create workflows that streamline your team’s hard work, and give your team time back in their day.

Lower your risk of compliance violations.

Project management can be a lifesaver for any team. But when your tool relies on manual processes or wasn’t built specifically for legal, you run the risk of non-compliance. The uncertainty alone is enough to keep you up at night.

Legal project management tools are built with legal’s complex processes in mind. Track legal requests, deadlines, approvals, and filings in the same place you keep your contracts, and build compliance into your workflows. With legal project management, you don’t have to lose sleep wondering if you missed something — it’s already been taken care of.


Without legal project management, legal teams often spend more time managing their tasks than executing them. Legal project management tools help you get organized and become a better business partner by centralizing legal requests, balancing your team’s workload, and lowering your risk of compliance violations. With powerful tools in your corner, you can set your team up for success, avoid burnout, and ensure that you put your team’s well-being first.

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Emily Weiner is a Marketing Campaign Manager at LinkSquares