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LinkSquares Introduces Enterprise Legal Management Platform

Today, we are thrilled to announce the LinkSquares Cloud, an enterprise legal management platform purpose-built to meet the increasing needs of the legal function and extend its impact across the organization. We’re doubling down on our investment in SaaS solutions designed specifically for the legal buyer. Our deep customer insights into the growing influence of legal departments make this first step beyond CLM – towards a multi-solution company – a natural evolution.

“When we introduced the industry’s first AI-powered contract management tool in 2015, our team was still educating the market on the potential of legal-first technologies. Today, our CLM platform is indispensable to legal teams and organizations – delivering massive efficiency and productivity increases, improved transparency, and surfacing powerful metrics showing legal’s meaningful impact on business operations and outcomes. It’s no wonder that our customers and the market are asking, ‘How can you help us accomplish more, deliver more value, and move our business forward faster?’”  – Vishal Sunak, CEO and co-founder of LinkSquares.

Each day, teams across the business, like finance, procurement, sales, marketing, and human resources, turn to legal to review agreements, compliance issues, marketing content, employee processes, intellectual property concerns, and litigation. However, few legal teams have formal ways of managing these requests, often turning to email, corporate chat platforms, and spreadsheets for help. In addition to our end-to-end contract capabilities, we’re introducing our first product designed specifically for legal task management and intake, LinkSquares Prioritize. With LinkSquares Prioritize, in-house counsel can centralize their workload in one place, enabling teams to collaborate with additional business departments and create, manage, track, and report on the tasks and initiatives requiring legal strategy. 

“My legal team of four supports a franchised restaurant business with over 1,350 locations globally. Prioritize is the tool we have been waiting for to better manage requests across the business – from contract drafting and renewals to marketing and press material reviews, franchise questions, and more. Prioritize will reduce our reliance on disparate email threads and multiple third-party solutions – and centralize our team’s requests, related documents, feedback, approvals, and output in one place.”  – Josh Nicosia, Chief Legal Officer of Smoothie King.

By 2026, 40% of legal departments will have implemented workflow technology to support systematic intake and triage for most of the in-house legal work, according to recent guidance from Gartner. LinkSquares Prioritize is designed to meet the emerging needs of legal teams as they’re sought out to become more proactive and embedded in the business than ever before. LinkSquares Cloud – now encompassing legal task management and contract lifecycle management – will provide one central place for legal teams to collaborate, create, negotiate, sign, and manage contracts, monitor workloads, and deliver a 360-degree view of business risks, opportunities, and results. 

As we expand our product offerings, we’ve reinvigorated our CLM technology to launch dynamic language capabilities and additional AI enhancements that accelerate contract creation and empower legal teams to act quickly and strategically. The LinkSquares Cloud will continue to expand our legal-first solutions, pioneering resources to help in-house counsel to do legal, better. 

“Our vision has always been to go bigger – to develop more products and tools for in-house legal – and to help those teams deliver greater value to their businesses. I’ve always known we are the right company to deliver on this promise of helping legal concentrate on the most valuable work, not the most time-consuming, which is why we raised $100 million last year to further invest in our customers. Today’s announcement is an incredible moment for our company, and I am so proud of how our team pulled together to bring the LinkSquares Cloud to life.” – Vishal Sunak, Co-founder & CEO of LinkSquares.

Join the waitlist for Early Access to LinkSquares Prioritize here. Prioritize Early Access will begin on June 30, 2023. 

Molly Gluck is a PR and Communications Manager at LinkSquares.