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Alyssa Verzino | Dec 02, 2022

Revenue Leakage, Runway, and Burn Rate: What In-House Legal Needs to Know

Legal teams are used to being scrappy and resourceful – always looking for ways to do more with less. But what happens...


Tim Parilla | Nov 21, 2022

Selling the Dream: A Guide for CLOs and GCs to Optimize the Legal Function

Legal technology has gained a secure foothold in the legal industry and has now reached a critical tipping point....


Alyssa Verzino 8 min read

6 Tips for Smoother Contract Workflows in 2023

When each stage of your contract process flows smoothly from one to the other, you’re less likely to ...
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Alyssa Verzino 8 min read

Why Legal Needs the Best OCR Software

So, you’ve grown tired of seeing your legal team cry into their coffee and have finally decided that contract ...
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Alyssa Verzino 5 min read

How Legal Can Improve Deal Acceleration by Partnering With Sales and CS

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Kayla Stockman 7 min read

A People-Focused Approach to Wellness at LinkSquares

I’m Kayla Stockman, a Sr. People Operations Specialist at LinkSquares. Being part of the LinkSquad is ...
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Christina Sullivan 7 min read

The Right Work Culture for In-House Lawyers

Looking for the perfect work culture fit can be challenging, especially when you're an in-house legal ...
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Jon Pollak 4 min read

Building A Customer-Driven Product

“LinkSquares is a high-powered solution with excellent user-friendliness and customer service.” - Lance A. ...
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Alyssa Verzino 6 min read

Automated Contract Analysis: The State of Legal AI in 2023

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Christina Sullivan 5 min read

Get Ahead of the Cookie Curve in 2023

In today’s digital age, data privacy is a hot-button issue. With each new development in technology, legal ...
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Tim Parilla 9 min read

Selling the Dream: 3 Trends That Will Impact In-House Legal in 2023

Now is an exciting time to be an in-house lawyer. Business stakeholders realize the tremendous value General ...
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