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Katie Thornton | Mar 15, 2022

Forrester Study: LinkSquares Delivers 352% ROI

Here at LinkSquares, we're reimagining how legal teams operate. We're committed to providing the best customer...


Eliana Lee | Jan 07, 2022

AI-Powered Legal Tools Are Not Going To Replace You

There is a common misconception that all artificial intelligence (AI) will replace humans. While in some cases there...


Christina Sullivan 6 min read

Proactive Data Privacy: How Legal Can Prepare for 2023 and Beyond

The Problem Picture this: the smell of fresh coffee wafts throughout your company’s ...
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Mat Calabro 7 min read

How ADARx Uses LinkSquares to Scale as They Approach Clinical Trials

ADARx Uses LinkSquares to Successfully Scale as They Complete Funding Rounds and Approach ...
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Alyssa Verzino 4 min read

LinkSquares Is One of G2’s Contract Management Leaders… Again

Well, it’s that time again. G2 just released their Summer 2022 Reports for Contract ...
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Christina Sullivan 4 min read

How to Manage Video Conference Contracts for Virtual Success

2020 was the year “Zoom” became a verb for many companies, and video conferencing tools ...
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Alyssa Verzino 5 min read

Top 6 Metrics for Legal Ops to Track

Today’s elite legal teams have one major thing in common: They are considered partners to ...
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Alyssa Verzino 5 min read

LinkSquares Wins 2022 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award

We’re excited to share that LinkSquares has been recognized as the winner of the “Best ...
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Ashley Gaines 4 min read

Draft and Review Agreements in Microsoft Word

How many of us can count on one hand the number of open applications we have on our ...
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Christina Sullivan 3 min read

4 Ways Automated Contract Analysis Limits Liability

Contract liability is something that many organizations try to control by establishing ...
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Alyssa Verzino 3 min read

How to Raise a Successful Round

"When someone is the first legal hire in a company, the most important thing is to get ...
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