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Now Live: Dynamic Language in LinkSquares Finalize

We are thrilled to announce that Dynamic Language is now LIVE in LinkSquares Finalize!  

Legal departments generate a high volume of contracts daily and strive to draft them quickly and efficiently. Presently, LinkSquares Finalize Admins are responsible for creating and handling multiple unique templates.

However, the abundance of templates in LinkSquares Finalize overwhelms contract drafters, resulting in the selection of wrong templates and subsequent duplication of work. This leads to wasted time, lengthier contract cycles, and frustrated employees. But, the solution has arrived in the form of Dynamic Language, which is user-friendly and requires no complicated setup or coding.

Using Dynamic Language enables legal teams to reduce the number of templates, making template management more manageable and contract creation faster. For instance, instead of storing numerous templates for each regional entity, Dynamic Language allows for the creation of a single template that accounts for all regions. The template wizard permits the setup of rules or "conditions" based on if/then statements that update the contract's language. By incorporating rules into a template, legal teams can cover all regions and minimize the total number of templates to manage. This results in huge efficiencies for rapidly growing legal teams and organizations. 

How it works:

  • Finalize admins set up rules on “Our Paper” templates which will automatically include or exclude language in the initial version of the agreement. This eliminates the need for admins to create and manage multiple templates while ensuring that all business use cases are accounted for.

  • During the drafting process, the system will update the language based on the answers provided by the drafters, streamlining the process without any intervention from the legal team.

Dynamic Language Benefits:

  • Automatically incorporate the right language into agreements every time, reducing the need for legal consultations.

  • Create fewer templates for each use case and reduce the drafter’s risk of selecting the wrong agreement. 

  • Get agreements drafted correctly, helping legal teams move faster.

If you’re ready to dive in, head into LinkSquares Finalize to get started. Not a LinkSquares Finalize customer? Learn more here

Curious to learn more? Reach out to your CSM or request a demo today!