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M&A and Events with LinkSquares Analyze and Carbon Health

Michelle Escobar is the VP of Legal Operations at Carbon Health. Carbon Health operates more than 100 primary healthcare and urgent care clinics across the U.S., while also providing telemedicine. 

Michelle’s key challenge: When it came to things like routine audits or other events that required reviewing a select group of contracts, having to boil down Carbon Health’s whole portfolio to the required group was tedious and manual. With LinkSquares, Michelle has been able to leverage reporting capabilities to quickly filter thousands of contracts to only those needed for the specific project. Contracts are searchable by certain extracted clauses and terms or by using “proximity search” to find agreements where certain words appear near other words – providing unparalleled flexibility. What’s more, Michelle can export those agreements into an Excel spreadsheet for stakeholders with a link to the full contract if more context is needed.

In her own words: “My favorite feature in [LinkSquares] Analyze specifically is Proximity Search. Rather than having to deliver thousands upon thousands of PDFs of contracts…you can deliver the answer in a format that will probably take the recipient minutes to review as opposed to hours, if not days, if not weeks.”


Mat Calabro is a Sr. Customer Advocacy & Community Manager at LinkSquares.