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Alyssa Verzino 7 min read

Why AI is Both Over and Underhyped

Legal needs to deploy modern technology, but the value of AI-powered solutions can be particularly hard to ...
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Christina Sullivan 7 min read

3 Ways AI Empowers Legal Teams

Many of us have embraced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our everyday lives, using it to navigate our driving ...
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LinkSquares Team 8 min read

LinkSquares’ Approach to Developing AI

Written by: Gavril Bilev, PhD, Senior Data Scientist, Mark Mace, PhD, Senior Data Scientist; Kiren Latka, JD, ...
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Eliana Lee 5 min read

AI-Powered Legal Tools Are Not Going To Replace You

There is a common misconception that all artificial intelligence (AI) will replace humans. While in some ...
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LinkSquares Team 4 min read

Homegrown AI: It’s Part of Our DNA

This post is an excerpt from the final edition of The Link for 2021. Check out the whole digital magazine ...
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Eliana Lee 3 min read

Evaluating Contract Management Solutions? 4 Questions to Consider

Many different contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions are available, with more added each day. How do ...
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Alyssa Verzino 6 min read

3 Practical Impacts of AI for Legal

In the blink of an eye, artificial intelligence (AI) has become l a very real aspect of our everyday lives. ...
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Alyssa Verzino 4 min read

What Legal Teams Should Know About LinkSquares AI: Some FAQs

At LinkSquares, we specifically built our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to make your contracting ...
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LinkSquares Team 5 min read

EDB Uses AI Contract Data to Uncover Insights

The following is an excerpt from The Link, LinkSquares' quarterly publication. Check out the full publication ...
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