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Introducing the LinkSquares Finalize for Slack Integration

Today’s in-house legal teams wear many hats – whether they’re keeping up with business as usual, tracking contracts under negotiation, or putting out unexpected fires. 

To help streamline communication between those moving parts and to meet you where you work, we’re excited to introduce LinkSquares’ newest native integration: LinkSquares Finalize for Slack. Integrating LinkSquares Finalize with Slack lets you receive all your Finalize email notifications right within the Slack application in real-time so you don’t miss a thing. 

Think of all the time you’ve wasted digging through your inbox to understand where your contracts stand or what you need to look at next. Now, you can enjoy a decluttered email inbox while all your notifications live separately in Slack. And best of all? You get back those precious hours to focus on more important work.

Teams working in Slack can simply integrate their Finalize account with the app. They can also:

  • Be alerted when there are changes to tasks, newly assigned tasks, or if they’re tagged in an activity feed
  • Be alerted when agreements are created, changed, or updated with new versions
  • Easily access tasks, requests, and agreements back in Finalize with the click of a button in the Slack notification
  • Configure exactly which notifications they’d like to receive, right from within Slack 
  • Still continue to receive email notifications if they want

Laura Briscoe, Contracts manager at Logos, says “LinkSquares, in general, has been a huge improvement to our processes, and their Slack integration is icing on the cake. It's all too easy to lose track of messages in your inbox, and Slack prevents us from missing key notifications. We also enjoy using Slack's features to save messages for later, mark unreads, set a reminder, etc. Slack seems to hold a greater sense of urgency than email, and this is just what we needed to optimize workflows."

Join customers like Laura if you’re ready to seamlessly manage your contracts in Slack, and connect LinkSquares Finalize to Slack today! 

Get more information about our Slack Integration here, or request a demo today.