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What's a TSA, Anyway? The Role That Sets LinkSquares Apart.

Maybe when you hear the term TSA, you think of the airport. But at LinkSquares, we think of our superpower: technical solutions attorneys. Don’t worry, it's not some fancy legal term to intimidate you – although, it is a term we coined ourselves for these legal professionals who sit at the crossroads of law and technology within our company. The good news is – they’re here for you because they totally understand all the challenges you’re facing as part of an in-house legal team and are armed with tons of solutions to help.

With their unique blend of legal knowledge and tech-savviness, TSAs are a bit like renegades. They're licensed attorneys who’ve stepped away from conventional roles in law to show you how our legal technology can help your team perform, manage, and quantify all your work in one place — from contract lifecycle management to legal project management. And their expertise spans various sectors including civil litigation, real estate, and intellectual property law, giving them a diverse set of skills to fit the needs of various clients. In essence, they're a blend of legal jedis and tech wizards, changing the way we think about and deliver our products. (May the Squares be with you.)

So, what exactly do they do, and how do they fit into the evolving legal tech landscape? Well, imagine a job where no two days are the same. TSAs are true relationship builders who spend their time working directly with clients, showing off the coolest features of the LinkSquares platform, and helping users get the best out of them. They've got both feet firmly planted in problem-solving and product guidance.

More and more in-house legal teams are embracing legal tech to streamline their tasks and up their efficiency game. Often, this shift comes when you realize your current tools just aren't doing the job anymore. The TSA team at LinkSquares focuses on matching customers with the perfect solution for your needs. And they don't stop there. They work closely with the product team, relaying feedback to make sure these tools are always getting better.

They’re also educators. Because they know our products inside and out, they can answer all your questions, clarify potential confusions, and speak to your concerns as peers who share a similar perspective. One of the primary appeals of this role is their ability to relate to your universal pains as an in-house attorney. They understand the nuances of dealing with multi-million dollar companies or managing contracts with preapproved language. Whether it's the convenience of a Word plug-in or the ability to track contract versions during negotiations, our TSAs work to tailor solutions to your needs in meaningful ways that will truly make a difference.

When it comes down to it, the layered role of a TSA extends beyond providing solutions. They also actively learn from their interactions with different industries, bringing valuable insights back into the development of our products. It's a symbiotic relationship that not only benefits practitioners but continually improves the LinkSquares platform. 

TSAs are an essential cog in the legal tech wheel here at LinkSquares – the vital link between legal expertise and technology. They're the techy-lawyers who can help make your legal processes smoother and more efficient. Theirs is a role so distinct that it’s become indispensable to our customers’ (and our) success. And that’s why we want to tell you even more about it. What better way to do that than to introduce you to some of our TSAs? Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our new series, Talk to a TSA, where they’ll share their backgrounds, interests, and why they’re over the moon about their jobs. In the meantime, you can talk to a TSA yourself by setting up some time to chat.

Lauren Brown is a Senior Copywriter at LinkSquares.