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Tealium Optimizes Contract Storage and Analytics with LinkSquares

Celina Caprio is Manager, Legal Operations at Tealium. Tealium is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that enables companies to more efficiently collect, standardize, integrate, and activate customer data.

Celina’s key challenges: 

With more than 850 customers across the globe, Tealium has thousands of agreements that need to be managed…and thousands of key dates and terms that need to be monitored. However, these agreements were decentralized, being stored across multiple regions and databases, making it highly challenging to access any specific contract. With LinkSquares, Celina has been able to securely store every agreement in one centralized repository. Each document underwent OCR and data extraction to make the text searchable and reportable while being tagged for easy access to specific groups of contacts. A custom dashboard, built to Tealium’s specifications, surfaces the specific information their team needs and keeps it front and center for truly immediate access. Celina can even track her own team’s KPIs with ease

Celina raves about the efficiency and searchability of LinkSquares using tags to locate contracts easily


In her own words:

When you’re dealing with high volume on a global scale and thousands of agreements in your repository, the searching capability is amazing… it’s a tool that’s been designed for legal and how legal works.


Celia discusses how LinkSquare's AI and OCR technology was a game-changer for her reporting

Mat Calabro is a Sr. Customer Advocacy & Community Manager at LinkSquares.