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How eSignature for Legal Teams Can Help Close Deals Faster

The true villain of the end-of-quarter rush is manual signing.

No matter how quickly your teams review and approve the terms, there’s no deal until the contract has a signature, and sending PDFs through email or printing to sign contracts pretty much always delays signing.

It also means deals are drawn out and sales misses targets — all because you didn’t use eSignature.

ESignatures allow legal teams to request and collect signatures digitally and seamlessly so sales can get their contracts over the line faster.

Here are four ways eSignatures for legal teams help close deals faster.

No printing or scanning necessary

Printing your contract to sign isn’t just wasteful but also adds weeks to your timeline, especially if your contracts are extensive and have multiple signers. Thankfully, eSignature solutions allow legal teams to sign contracts digitally and win deals faster. Plus, with an eSignature solution that’s part of an end-to-end CLM, finance and CS can access these contracts and fulfill their role more quickly on the other side of the deal.

Less admin tasks = more time for selling

Sales reps spend more than 70% of their time on non-selling activities, including generating and approving quotes, prospecting, and manual data entry. And a good chunk of that time turns into a back and forth with legal while waiting for  updates. A good eSignature solution automates the busy work involved with  collecting signatures and eliminates the tedium of refreshing your inbox, enabling sales to close deals faster. 

Better chances of closing the deal

Nothing makes a customer abandon their cart faster than  a poor experience. If your contracts are too unwieldy or difficult to sign, your prospects will find another vendor. Esignatures eliminate that service gap by providing a great customer experience and enabling seamless contract signing. This makes your customers more eager to sign and do business with you.

Ability to track signature status at any time

The only thing worse than waiting around for the contract to get signed is not knowing where the contract is at all. Who has the contract right now? Is it even out for signature? Who has yet to sign? Confusion means bottlenecks and bottlenecks mean delayed deals. This is why eSignature for legal teams is so crucial to closing deals faster. It gives your team immediate access to the signing status of an agreement and notifies stakeholders of who still needs to sign. Not only does this move deals along but it also creates peace of mind.


ESignature for legal teams enables sales to close deals faster. It eliminates the need for manual tasks around the signing stage, printing and scanning, and the poor customer service usually associated with contract signing. With eSignature as part of your end-to-end CLM solution, your legal team can rest easy knowing that the right terms are going out for signature, and the sales team can feel confident about closing deals faster. 

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Christina Sullivan is a Content Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.