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TSA Heather Soukas
11 min read

Talk to a TSA: Meet LinkSquares Technical Solutions Attorney Heather Soukas

We know you’ve been dying to meet another one of LinkSquares’ technical solutions attorneys (TSAs) (can’t say we blame you). But if this is your first foray into the topic, here’s a quick overview. TSAs are like your legal technology sidekicks, armed with lawyerly expertise and ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your needs. As licensed attorneys, they understand the struggle of balancing various responsibilities while providing strategic support. What's even better? Each TSA brings their own flair, just like the legal teams they work with. Among them is Heather Soukas, a former pro athlete who could give you advice in five different languages. Here’s a Q&A with more interesting facts. 

Q. What made you want to become a lawyer?
A. I wanted to become a lawyer because the problem-solving aspect excited me. I had fallen into various legal support roles early on as a teenager and knew that it was something I could enjoy and learn to do on my own. Several mentors along the way added fuel to the fire.

Q. What type of law did you practice?
I practiced estate planning, small business/entity formation and litigation, and real estate.

Q. How did you end up at LinkSquares
A. I
received an email from LinkSquares while working in a small estate planning practice. I was so inundated with manual work that I had to take the interview from my car. The value presented by LinkSquares' suite of products impressed me so much that I pressed for an offer immediately to avoid returning to my job. The firm has since hired two paralegals and a new associate in my place.  I’ve been a senior technical solutions attorney here now for almost two years.

Q. What part of our mission here at LinkSquares do you connect with?
A. I connect most with our core value “All In.” The environment and company culture make me want to go the distance for my team. 

Q. How would LinkSquares have helped you in your previous role? 
A. In my previous role as an associate attorney, I wasted hours compiling spreadsheets of dates and data for managing my clients and workload. Prioritize management and Analyze reporting would have given me days back in my year from manual, administrative projects that could be better allocated to more impactful legal work.

Q. During your demos with customers, have there ever been any memorable "aha" moments for them? 
A. The “aha” moment typically comes when we get to reporting – something that my former role and many legal teams currently spend hours doing. The reporting demonstration usually happens about 15 minutes into an hour-long demo. The prospects are often so taken aback that they've seen most of what they need to see by then.

Q. Are there any moments that stand out as your favorite experience as a TSA?
A. Recently, I listened to a prospect speak out of frustration about the bottlenecks his team is experiencing and how difficult it’s been to help them navigate those situations. Before signing off, he said "This is the kind of stuff that’s really going to change our world." It was so rewarding to hear!

Q. Why should someone book a meeting with a TSA? What is it that makes a TSA different from sales?
A. TSAs are able to offer valuable, objective insight into use cases and features from personal experience, not just based on our knowledge of the tool. 

Q. What’s your favorite lawyer movie? 
A. I am considering a petition for Netflix to bring back “Mindhunter.”

Q. What are some of your interests outside of work?
A. I have twin sons and two dogs (not twins) that I love spending any time with, especially outdoors. Also a big supporter of the arts- visual and musical. I enjoy seeing and making it!

Q. What’s your fun fact?
A. I have three! I used to be a professional athlete and competed in CrossFit. I have twin boys. I speak five languages, English, Spanish, French, Greek, and Arabic (in order of proficiency).

Want to get to know Heather better and find out how LinkSquares could help you? It’s absolutely possible. Schedule time to talk with her and get ready to catch some wisdom from another lawyer who knows the struggle. We’ll be back soon with more introductions to more of our terrific TSA-team.

Lauren Brown is a Senior Copywriter at LinkSquares.