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How to Raise a Funding Round
4 min read

How to Raise a Successful Round

"When someone is the first legal hire in a company, the most important thing is to get your documents organized in a clear way. For me, there’s no doubt that a platform like LinkSquares is not only the best way, it acts as a force multiplier for the future. " - Nir Dagan, General Counsel at Wiz.

Being a legal leader in a high-growth company can be the ride of a lifetime. Your specialized knowledge is critical to securing capital, closing deals, and keeping the organization moving forward. The need for negotiation, contract, and business expertise makes you a valuable asset during funding rounds.

Nir Dagan is the General Counsel at Wiz, a rapidly growing cybersecurity startup, and he recently joined LinkSquares CLO Tim Parilla for an episode of Cockpit Counsel. In this conversation, the two discuss Nir and his team's role in closing Wiz's recent (massive) round of fundraising – a $250M Series C. Their discussion also touches on topics like:

  • Leaping from a law firm to an in-house role
  • Building a legal operations team
  • The value of leveraging legal tech
  • Streamlining contracting in a high-growth startup
  • The importance of organizing your data history
  • And, much more

After working for Israel's leading international law firm, Nir made the move in-house and embraced new challenges. With extensive experience representing companies at various stages, his advice is helpful to any legal professional. Watch the webinar on How to Raise a Successful Round today. 


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Alyssa Verzino is a Content Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.