The 4 Contract Stipulations Every CSO Should Demand

By LinkSquares Team

CybersecurityThe U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has advised security professionals that, in order to thwart supply chain attacks, you need to put some specific requirements in your supplier contracts. To help you act on these new recommendations, we’ve developed our latest eBook: “How to Use LinkSquares to Improve Your Cybersecurity”

Security Stipulations

In this eBook, we analyze the four security stipulations that CISA suggests you add to every vendor contract. These include:

  1. Guarantees the vendor will use security controls that you, the customer, deem appropriate
  2. Guarantees the vendor will use appropriate monitoring and logging of provider-managed customer systems
  3. Guarantees the vendor will use appropriate monitoring of the service provider’s presence, activities, and connections to your network
  4. Guarantees the vendor will provide notification of confirmed or suspected security events and incidents occurring on the provider’s infrastructure and administrative networks

In “How to Use LinkSquares to Improve Your Cybersecurity”, we break down these stipulations and show you how to effectively apply them to your vendor agreements. You’ll also learn how to employ LinkSquares Analyze to locate the relevant sections of any supplier contract and determine if they satisfy these stipulations, and whether there are any “teeth” behind those contractual promises. 

(And if you are a supplier, we discuss how to reasonably implement these stipulations for your own customer agreements, as well as for your own upstream vendors.)

If you want to employ every tool in your arsenal against supply chain attacks -- including contract management -- download “How to Use LinkSquares to Improve Your Cybersecurity” now.

And if you want to adopt he contract analysis solution that can help you improve your cybersecurity posture (and write better, more secure contracts, faster), contact LinkSquares today.

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