Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Working with Scanned PDF Contracts

By Chris Combs


Legal agreements and customer contracts are the backbone of any organization. These vital documents ensure terms are properly fulfilled and lay the foundation for future negotiations. It’s incredibly important to have a contracts system not only make the data readily accessible to legal teams, it must ensure that data is easily searchable and centrally located.

Many (if not most) organizations make the mistake of scanning their contracts and saving them as digital image files. While this gets rid of the hassle of saving and filing significant amounts of paper, it sets up a system that is inefficient and perpetually at risk.

Scanned PDF files are not searchable and therefore cannot be properly monitored and reviewed. What does this mean for an organization? It means timely and costly manual searches must be deployed whenever information needs to be sourced from within their documents.

It also means potentially big legal risks. Since scanned PDFs cannot be managed optimally, contractual obligations may not be met. Failure to meet these legal obligations can result in big fines, missed savings, supply chain gaps, loss of customers and costly litigation.

If your business is currently dealing with time consuming manual reviews, not to mention potential legal risks stemming from scanned PDF files, you’ll definitely want to download our free ebook The Ultimate Guide to Working with Scanned PDF Contracts.

In this ebook you’ll learn the top 3 reasons why you should get rid of your scanned PDFs forever, a comprehensive process to convert these image files into searchable, digital files, and the best practices for OCR conversion.

Click this link to download The Ultimate Guide to Working with Scanned PDF Contracts and learn how to prevent wasted time, money, and increased legal risks around contracts.

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