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The Link: Customer Spotlight on TechData

Group 2The following is an excerpt from The Link, LinkSquares' quarterly publication. Check out the full publication here.

Founded in 1974, TechData is a global end-to-end technology distribution company that distributes everything from the servers to the data center to the peripherals such as software and computer hardware. TechData has over $37B in revenue and over 14,000 employees worldwide.

Clay Davis, Director of Global Legal Compliance Operations, manages the digital transformation process and technology stack for a team of more than 165 legal operations professionals worldwide. As part of his role, Davis oversees technology governance and contract procedures to ensure consistency in the way TechData stores and processes contracts. In addition, Davis also develops high-level dashboards and key performance metrics to show the state of contracts today.

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Collaborating Remotely with LinkSquares

As part of the digital transformation effort, TechData had developed a solution for contract intake and contract creation process management, however, the company did not have a way to store, review, and analyze contracts once they were completed. When Davis joined the team, he saw an opportunity to implement LinkSquares to solve TechData’s storage and analysis challenges. On the precipice of the COVID-19 pandemic, TechData’s legal operations team completed the first phase of LinkSquares implementation, just as the team was going fully remote.

“We had a global organization with contracts stored all over the world in SharePoints, filing cabinets, and local drives, which made them difficult to access for team members across the globe. We couldn’t have implemented LinkSquares at a better time. It’s what we needed to stay effective and working. It was perfect timing,” Davis said.

Managing Compliance and Changing Legislation in LinkSquares

To respond to changing legislation in data privacy, TechData’s Data Privacy team wanted to measure the impact on their data privacy terms. LinkSquares made it easy for TechData’s data privacy attorneys to access contract data and partner with the Legal Operations team to analyze statutory data privacy requirements to evaluate how TechData needed to update its terms.

LinkSquares also enables different TechData compliance teams to self-serve and run analyses on contracts to identify ownership and restrictions. TechData’s trade compliance team can run simultaneous self-serve searches on logistics language and import and export restrictions, all within LinkSquares, without going back and forth with the contracts team.

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Driving Business Forward Faster with LinkSquares AI

With the ability to operate more efficiently with LinkSquares, TechData’s team can now focus on more strategic work such as using the data within LinkSquares to identify areas of improvement for their legal processes.

TechData’s legal team also uses LinkSquares to understand how much they have deviated from their standard position on specific terms. For example, the team was trying to answer the following question: “In aggregate, what does TechData’s risk profile look like from a Limitation of Liability perspective?”. Using LinkSquares Smart Values, Davis’s team could see if there was a cap and the cap terms.

By doing this analysis in LinkSquares, the TechData legal team could see if they were negotiating the terms appropriately or when and where they had deviated from their standard contract language historically. In turn, this analysis helped TechData better negotiate terms in the future to minimize deviations or modify standard contract language to better align with the most common negotiated contract terms. 

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