The 6 Types of Documents Your Business Can't Afford to Lose

By LinkSquares Team



Document storage and backup solutions can help make sure you never lose any critical business information, but what information should you make sure gets backed up? LinkSquares answers that question in our latest eBook: "The 6 Types of Documents You Need to Run a Modern Business.”

Backup is only the second part of the equation when it comes to ensuring your business can survive a major loss of equipment or employees. You have to create critical documentation before it can be backed up. "The 6 Types of Documents You Need to Run a Modern Business” lays out the types of documentation your organization should create, collect, organize and then back up to ensure you're running a resilient business.

This document checklist is especially relevant for organizations which have not yet expanded to a full C-suite of officers who, as part of their jobs, regularly oversee the creation of critical documentation in their respective departments. 

Don't have a Chief Financial Officer yet? No worries. This eBook lists the types of financial reports and documentation you should regularly generate.

Don't have a Chief Operating Officer? This eBook outlines the types of operational documentation you need to keep your business resilient.

No Chief Information Officer, Chief Marketing Officer or Chief People Officer on staff? This eBook lists all the technical, promotional, and human resources documentation you need anyway.

And even if you've got a Chief Legal Officer or General Counsel, this eBook can help ensure your in-house legal team is preserving every type of contract, agreement, and related legal documentation you need to avoid liability and guarantee corporate survivability.

If you're ready to build a more resilient business that doesn't lose key knowledge when a critical employee departs the company, then you need to download "The 6 Types of Documents You Need to Run a Modern Business” today.

And if you're ready to adopt the most advanced, legal-centric document storage and analysis solution on the market -- so you can be sure you're storing, analyzing, and categorizing all your critical documentation with the help of cutting-edge artificial intelligence -- then contact LinkSquares today.


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