Is Your In-House Legal Team Ready For an M&A Deal?

The following is an excerpt from The Link, LinkSquares' quarterly publication. Check ...

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How Integrations Can Keep a Tech Stack from Toppling a Business

The following is an excerpt from The Link, LinkSquares' quarterly publication. Check ...

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Customer Spotlight: Bottomline Technologies

 The following is an excerpt from The Link, LinkSquares' quarterly publication. Check...

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Second Edition of The Link: Letter from LinkSquares' CEO Vishal Sunak

Letter from the CEO  Welcome to the second edition of The Link. Today, I’d like to ta...

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How to Make Sure Your Legal Team Is M&A Ready

This article was originally published in TechCrunch's Extra Crunch on May 5th, 2021 

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How GCs Can Build Better Fundraising "Data Rooms", Faster

Fundraising rounds start in your "data room." The faster you can set up these critica...

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"Lining Up the Close" - How GCs Can Accelerate Fundraising Rounds

Raising a funding round for your company is a huge effort in addition to your job of ...

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LinkSquares’ Approach to Developing AI

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Minimizing Time to Value: The Importance of OCR Processes in Contract Management Software

Time to value is the term for the length of time between when you adopt a software so...

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Why Traditional OCR Processes Fail for Legal Teams

Optical character recognition (OCR) has greatly simplified the process of turning sca...

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