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The Missing Link to Closing The Quarter Strong

Salesforce Integration Quarterly sales goals serve a lot of purposes in strong companies. They can be both excellent motivators and reliable predictors for continued success. The good news is that developing the right quarterly goals can be easier than it looks.

Effective quarterly goals are conceived on the strength of data. Without modern analytical tools, it's just a matter of time before you set a goal that's too aggressive, thereby frustrating your sales team, or too conservative, thereby leaving money (and commissions) on the table. The more complex your business -- and your sales contracts -- the more likely you are to set sub-optimal quarterly goals.

Set Accurate Quarterly Goals

The best way to start building better quarterly goals is by integrating data from both your Sales and Legal teams.

Frequently, there is a disconnect between Sales and Legal data, often because the process for making a connection is too time-consuming and requires some form of manual intervention. While both Sales and Legal often have great data management tools individually, their value is limited if they’re not being utilized together. 

That's why LinkSquares' Salesforce Integration is such a game-changer. 

Integrating LinkSquares with Salesforce eliminates the manual processes involved in sharing and comparing data between the legal and sales teams. It consolidates multiple lines of communication and data reentry into a single, automated process of analysis, accessible to anyone who needs it. Once activated, the formerly isolated tasks of Salesforce and LinkSquares are now a seamless loop of current, relevant information shared instantly between two key teams. 

Integration Brings Better Analysis

With all of your Sales and Legal data in one place, you can do better sales analysis, and create better quarterly sales goals. For example, Salesforce can predict how many customers will renew based on the rate at which past customers have renewed. Meanwhile, LinkSquares can tell you how many customers have contracts that allow them to churn, under what circumstance, and when. Combine the two, and you have a smarter, more accurate prediction -- and a more realistic basis for a quarterly sales goal.

Any organization that deals with high volumes of data understands the importance of timely analysis when it comes to achieving quarterly goals. Data itself may be inherently complicated, but the platforms and processes of analysis should be as simple as we can realistically imagine. Applying a simple solution to your complex problem of data analysis could be the key to achieving your next quarterly goal. 

For more information on LinkSquares' Salesforce Integration, check out this page. And, to learn more about how contract management software enhances communication and efficiency between Sales and Legal, check out the eBook "Closing the Quarter Strong: How Legal Can Work with Sales to Close More Deals, Faster"

If you're ready to adopt the contract management system that integrates directly with Salesforce -- and makes quarterly goals a science, not just an art -- then contact LinkSquares today.