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Forrester Study: Reduce Outside Counsel Spend by 86%

“With LinkSquares, I have assignment change-of-control and [critical business] data available to me with a click of a button. This saved us hours and hours. Historically, I’ve relied on outside counsel, specifically big law firms who had the technology, because [the technology we need] was too cost-prohibitive for small [law firms].” - General Counsel (GC) and corporate secretary, e-learning company. 

The adage “time is money” has never been more accurate for finance and legal teams. The pressure is on to accelerate contract generation, negotiations, and deal approvals. We’re proud to say that help is here, and so are the savings. 

Too often, GCs and legal leaders rely on outside counsel to smooth out contracts, which is expensive and can create more work if information is lost when transferred between entities. For LinkSquares customers, however, this is quickly becoming ancient history. According to the recent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study by Forrester Consulting, customers are spending 86% less on outside counsel after using LinkSquares and saving over $1 million in outsourced costs over three years.

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In other words, the report found that LinkSquares centralizes, automates, and improves communication within legal teams. This expands their capabilities to the point that outside help would be redundant. For example, customers relied on outside help for 95% of M&A-related contracts before adopting LinkSquares. After investing in the LinkSquares contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform, that number drops to just 15%.

Empowering our customers is what gets us pumped. More and more GCs and legal pros are saving money by bringing their processes in-house, and we’re excited to help get them there.

But don’t just listen to us. Check out the Forrester Report for yourself and hear directly from our customers how they benefit from LinkSquares.