Announcing: The Clause Library!

By Vishal Sunak

For years we’ve been hearing from our customers that one of the most time consuming, painful responsibilities that they have is maintaining an up to date clause playbook. It’s hard to know what’s up to date and what’s not, where certain clauses are used and where they need to be replaced, and where the real source of truth lies. Since our main mission at LinkSquares is to make legal and finance teams’ lives easier, we decided we could help out with this.

Enter: The Clause Library!

We’ve been hard at work for months putting together the most comprehensive Clause Library tool on the market - and our customers are already loving it. The feature expands the already robust full text search and reporting capabilities within the app and allows users to extract key clauses and store them in a dedicated place in their repository.

Teams are using this feature to create playbooks that get updated in real time, and are fully searchable and reportable. It’s a game changer for productivity - and means that users can actually trust their clause playbook as the one source of truth.

LinkSquares Clause Library
LinkSquares Clause Library allows users to easily track and organize frequently used clauses.

The benefits of the Clause Library aren’t limited to LinkSquares itself, however. Since LinkSquares has integrations with business tools of all kinds, including contract drafting tools, users can easily take the clauses stored in their LinkSquares Clause Library and use them to make their contract drafting process more efficient by having standard language at their fingertips. Reducing contract risk and increasing standardization across the business are two things that every legal and finance team has at the top of their priority list - and LinkSquares Clause Library is the easiest way to ensure that those two goals are consistently met.

We’d love to show you how it works - schedule a demo now to check it out!


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