CLOC 2019 Wrap-Up: Contract Superheroes to the Rescue!

By Vishal Sunak

The LinkSquares team is recently back from a fun-filled, action-packed week in Las Vegas where we sponsored and exhibited at the CLOC 2019 co

nference. Legal operations professionals from around the world gathered at The Bellagio for two and a half days of informative sessions and education on industry trends, including the latest legal technology solutions.

“What I enjoyed most about CLOC 2019 was the energy in the room around AI and contracts. The number of people and companies super interested in AI and contract analytics gives what we're doing even more validation," recalled Rob Dorgan, Account Executive at LinkSquares.

Steve Travaglini, VP of Sales, agrees: "I was impressed by how forward thinking the CLOC attendees were surrounding the practical application of machine learning. Modern legal departments are now beginning to actively explore life after conventional CLM technologies.”


The superhero-themed LinkSquares booth was the place to be in the exhibit hall, drawing attendees in with the tagline “we’re here to rescue your contracts”.  Visitors played Batman vs. Superman “Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots” and spun the prize wheel for giveaways such as socks, sunglasses, webcam covers, and even an exclusive discount on their LinkSquares package.

"I enjoyed witnessing our team fire on all cylinders and create a strong presence at the booth. It isn’t every day that you have an opportunity to speak directly with the leading minds of legal operations teams about AI, Contracts, and Post-Signature Analytics. Each conversation continued to validate our mission and the direction legal ops is heading," Matt Noyes, Account Manager at LinkSquares, observed.

Prize wheel

The team performed product demonstrations for hundreds of individuals representing legal departments at diverse companies, and illustrated the key features that set LinkSquares apart from the other contract management solutions on the market today. With the fast pace of legal technology innovation, the contract management landscape is diverse and it can be overwhelmingly confusing for legal operations professionals to choose the solution that’s right for their business.

Matt Roy, Director of Partnerships and Strategic Accounts at LinkSquares, commented “The rise of legal ops is transforming the role of corporate legal departments, allowing in-house counsel to work more efficiently and expand capacity for strategic initiatives. The increasing rate of adoption of legal tech is creating an abundance of opportunity for innovation in a space that has traditionally been underserved by the technology sector. The most forward-thinking corporations are embracing legal ops as a competitive edge with a focus on accelerating revenue growth and profitability, while those who continue to view legal as a necessary cost of business will inevitably fall behind."

Vishal Sunak, LinkSquares CEO, had the opportunity to highlight what differentiates LinkSquares in the Contract Analytics space in his live Twitter interview with the Above The Law team at the conference. He discusses how LinkSquares is changing the way in house counsel think about contract management and contract analytics, and what the platform is doing to help legal teams solve common challenges in their department.

The conference was the highlight of the spring, and the LinkSquares team is looking forward to attending again next year! In the meantime, you can catch us at the ACC annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ October 27-30, 2019.

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