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Why "Time to Value" Drives Contract Management Adoption

businessman-checking-his-smart-watch-PVHCY7AThere are a number of factors to consider when adopting enterprise software, and one of the most overlooked is "time to value" -- as in, the length of time before your investment in software starts to pay off. This is especially true of contract management software, as the distance between "your implementation is over" and "the software is solving problems" can be weeks or months.

That's why LinkSquares developed our latest eBook: "How to Evaluate Contract Management Solutions". Inquiring about "time to value" is just one of the key questions to ask when evaluating whether a contract management solution is worth your investment.

Simply installing a contract management solution is only one step in the adoption process. You'll need to configure users and security roles (assuming the solutions supports role-based security), import legacy contracts to populate the system (assuming the solution can handle legacy contracts and doesn't just manage the contracts you create going forward), and configure integrations with partner software (assuming the solution can connect to DocuSign, Salesforce, or any other critical system in your contract pipeline).

Check Out Our Salesforce Integration

Knowing the steps it will take to get a contract management solution up to speed, and the time required for each step, will tell you whether the solution will be useful next week, next month, or next quarter. With the help of "How to Evaluate Contract Management Solutions", you'll avoid the pitfalls of adopting a solution that won't be ready until after a critical deadline is missed.

And that's just one of the questions that "How to Evaluate Contract Management Solutions" will ensure that you ask. You'll also learn how to identify and prioritize the key contract management features that your business needs, so you'll know exactly what kind of value your "time to value" estimate is promising.

If you're ready to get smarter about defining and delivering value with your contract management software, download "How to Evaluate Contract Management Solutions" now.

And if you're ready to adopt the most advanced, AI-powered contract management, analysis, and automation solution on the market -- with some of the best time to value figures available -- then contact LinkSquares today.