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Alyssa Verzino 4 min read

Contract Management Best Practices: Cost Savings

Cutting costs? Here’s some good news: Many legal agreements have more "wiggle room" than ...
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Alyssa Verzino 3 min read

The GC’s Guide to the First 90 Days

First-time General Counsel? Or, did you just start at a new company? Either way, those ...
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Tim Parilla 11 min read

GC Tips: How to Build Rapport in a New In-House Role

This article was originally published by Law360 Pulse. Experts answer questions on career ...
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Alyssa Verzino 11 min read

30 Resources for Legal Leaders: People, Books, and Beyond

If you’re a legal leader looking for resources, then this post is for you. We live in a ...
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LinkSquares Team 4 min read

Cockpit Counsel: Building Your GC Brand

"I want to be somebody leaders want in the room when discussing the hardest possible ...
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Alyssa Verzino 8 min read

Webinar Series for Legal Trailblazers

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LinkSquares Team 6 min read

The KPIs of Top Legal Leaders

It doesn't matter what industry or department you're in, data is king. The world is ...
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Alyssa Verzino 4 min read

From GC to C-Suite: Tips for Building Your Brand

The stock of General Counsels (GCs) has never been higher. Executives need strategic, ...
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Alyssa Verzino 5 min read

Going In-House? Here’s What CEOs Are Looking For.

This post is based on insights from Tim Parilla, LinkSquares’ Chief Legal Officer, in ...
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