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3 More Ways Specialized Contract Storage Supercharges Legal Teams - Copy of Legal Best Practices_Header
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Supercharge Your Legal Team with Specialized Contract Storage

Welcome back to the blog series where we identify six ways that a specialized document solution supercharges legal teams in a world that continues to work from home. If you missed the first post, check it out here. If you’re all caught up, here are three more ways specialized contract storage improves the lives of in-house legal.

1.) Specialized Contract Storage Simplifies Security

Most mainstream document storage solutions fall short when it comes to cybersecurity for contract management. Using specialized contract storage minimizes the risk of a data breach, makes basic information in contracts easier to find and discloses sensitive legal information securely.

2.) Specialized Contract Storage Simplifies Search

You need to be able to search the contents of every document you upload to a storage solution. Superior search is easy with Optical Character Recognition (OCR.) OCR turns scanned, faxed, or even photographed documents into regular text files that the software can index and search. No matter how a document finds its way into your storage system, you should be able to track it down quickly and easily.

3.) Specialized Contract Storage Simplifies Contract Execution

Most legal documents are created to execute legal agreements. Another important element is - you guessed it - some form of signature. Your legal-centric document storage system should seamlessly integrate with all the major e-signature providers. That way, you can send out any document in your repository for easy online signature without having to take that agreement out of your safe, searchable document storage system.

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Contract management for the "new normal" is still an uncertain landscape. COVID-19 outbreaks seem to fluctuate, and potential emergencies like natural disasters or terror attacks could extend work-from-home periods again. Some organizations are even encouraging a reduction of remote work to reduce overhead.

Legal teams play a pivotal role in ensuring the safe, efficient storage and sharing of legal documents in an otherwise chaotic world. The right tools help them remain productive now and ensure future productivity for the next time in-office work isn't possible.

If you’re ready to learn more about how specialized contract storage can help your legal team, contact LinkSquares today.

Christina Sullivan is a Content Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.