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3 Ways to Generate Business Value with Legal Ops

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: legal leaders deserve a seat at the leadership table. General Counsels (GCs) and legal pros bring a unique skill set and valuable expertise to business performance.

Many are beginning to tap into their potential by building out defined legal operations. These critical processes include everything from financial management to technical expertise and enable legal teams to better serve colleagues throughout the business.

Transforming legal ops into a strategic, efficient business partner requires more than just being productive. Legal ops teams need to generate business value. To help you unleash the full power of legal operations, check out our latest guide: From Meh to Amazing: Transforming Legal Ops. 

Strengthening Legal Operations

Legal departments with operations specialists are well-positioned to get the most out of their team. If you're looking to transform your legal function, there are three core principles you need to follow:

  • Focus on communication: The best legal ops teams are able to bridge the gap between departments, improving communication and enhancing productivity. 
  • Leverage data: Understanding the key metrics your team needs to monitor shows you where you need to improve and where you're doing well. This insight is critical for legal ops, the entire legal team, and the company as a whole. 
  • Innovate: Legal professionals can be reluctant to shake things up. Take the offensive approach, find ways to automate processes, and deploy technology that will help your team get things done.

Ready to realize the true potential of your legal team? Check out our new guide, From Meh to Amazing: Transforming Legal Ops. And, if you're considering adopting a solution for your legal ops team to run on, contact LinkSquares today.