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Evaluating Contract Management Solutions? 4 Questions to Consider

Many different contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions are available, with more added each day. How do you determine which CLM will be accurate, reliable, and have excellent support?

Why is a CLM platform needed?

What is the problem it will solve? Check out this post on how to define your needs. The most popular response to this question is that a CLM with built-in artificial intelligence boosts efficiency in a major way, enabling legal teams to focus on more meaningful and strategic work. It also makes the head of legal look great when metrics highlight said efficiency.

AI for Contract Management

Consider these questions when purchasing an AI-powered CLM solution. We've provided our answers below since we know LinkSquares will be on your list.

Is the AI-powered CLM solution…

1: From an established CLM company? Founded in 2015, LinkSquares is past the growing pains of early startup days and has an experienced leadership team. Learn more about our team here.

2: Created from an optimized AI model? Our homegrown AI operates with high precision. With entire teams dedicated to assessing feedback and developing updates, we constantly improve our AI models and processes. LinkSquares AI-powered CLM was developed completely in-house. It was built by the best, not acquired and integrated into the product like so many others.

3: Customizable? Our AI-powered CLM can be customized depending on the needs of our clients. This includes creating custom Smart Values for your organization’s sole use and purposes. Every company (and industry) is very different, and we find the right makeup for every customer.

4: Developed by experts? LinkSquares CLM was developed by attorney engineers specializing in artificial intelligence models and processes. This team works alongside innovative data scientists and expert machine learning engineers, a collaboration that leads to a sophisticated product using the latest AI modeling. A bonus? The thoughtful and easy-to-navigate interface. Lastly, LinkSquares integrates with all of your existing systems, and implementation is quick and painless. 

We are constantly developing and releasing new features, so stay tuned! Subscribe to the blog or contact us today

Eliana Lee is a Legal Engineer at LinkSquares.