Crisis Response: Put Your Contract Data to Work

By LinkSquares Team

Contract ManagementWhen crises hit, business risks surface rapidly. Many of these risks are hidden in the hundreds to thousands of contracts that companies manage, and legal teams need to evaluate exposure and relay critical information to stakeholders as quickly as possible. Legal teams with the ability to extract data points across documents learn their obligations and reduce risk, quickly. This moment illustrates the benefit of having portfolio-wide visibility into your contract data. 

Highlight Concerning Liabilities With Contract Management Software

Our latest ebook, “How to Expose (And Eliminate) Hidden Risks in Your Contracts With Contract Management Software”, highlights the most concerning liabilities and how contract management software can help uncover them. The risks reviewed include data privacy, pandemic-era contracts, and M&A contracts and commitments. 

Without the right tools, confronting these risks can mean days of manual digging through contracts. Companies in this position lack the ability to efficiently extract contract data and are left without an orderly way to organize, manage, and update contracts. Unsurprisingly, responding to a crisis quickly and accurately is nearly impossible for legal teams in this scenario. They are left putting out fires instead of organizing a proactive approach to combat future crises. 

Put Your Contract Data to Work

Today's modern legal teams rely on contract management platforms to put their contract data to work for them. As a result, they have a single source of truth, know exactly where to look for the information across all of their contracts, and are able to effectively communicate accurate information with stakeholders. Everyone needs information when a crisis hits. Download “How to Expose (And Eliminate) Hidden Risks in Your Contracts With Contract Management Software” to learn how contract management software can help your legal team respond with the facts, fast. 

And if you’d like the ability to summarize your contract obligations, prioritize response, and strengthen language for the future in just a few clicks, contact LinkSquares today. 

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