All Costs, No Benefits: Why Your Team May Give Up on Contract Management Before It Pays Off

By LinkSquares Team

making-more-possible-concentrated-freelancer-worki-KRZXD68Lawyers and legal teams are not known as "early adopters" of new technology. A profession devoted to minimizing risks generally waits for software to become mainstream before they agree to use it, and they are extremely likely to give up on a new software tool if it isn't immediately beneficial.

So, if you're thinking of adopting a new contract management software solution, you need to be very aware of one very critical term: time to value. To explain why, LinkSquares developed our latest eBook: "The Importance of 'Time to Value' When Evaluating Contract Management Software".

Time to value is the length of time between when you adopt a software solution, and when that software solution starts to pay off. Complex software tools can take a long time to install and configure, and an even longer time for your team to learn how to properly use. During that "waiting period," frustration or, worse, apathy can build up about the software, thereby dooming it in the eyes of your team.

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If a new contract management solution doesn't immediately start saving your team time, making legal tasks easier, or offering up new insights that weren't available before, your legal team will probably ignore it or route around the software, going back to doing things "the old way."

Shortening your time to value doesn't just boost your software's ROI; it guarantees your software's acceptance by your team.

In "The Importance of 'Time to Value' When Evaluating Contract Management Software", we lay out the three factors that can shorten the time to value of any contract management solution, so you can get your team on board with the new tools as quickly as possible.

If you want to guarantee the best chance of survival for any game-changing contract management tool you might deploy, download "The Importance of 'Time to Value' When Evaluating Contract Management Software" now.

And if you want to adopt the AI-powered contract management platform that offers the shortest time to value -- and the best chances for success -- then contact LinkSquares today.

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