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3 Ways Specialized Contract Storage Supercharges Legal Teams

The global pandemic changed how organizations view remote work. While some are still establishing their company policies around remote and hybrid schedules, one thing is for certain: legal teams must also be prepared for whatever comes next. 

Modern businesses need many types of documents and secure storage options for things to run smoothly. Many legal teams found their contract storage solution in 2020 had room for improvement-especially for when it came to data security. The documents legal teams produce require special handling that most off-the-shelf telework tools can't support. The need for a user-friendly and secure legal document storage and sharing solution has never been more urgent.

In this post, we will break down three ways that a specialized document solution supercharges legal teams in a world that continues to work from home.

1. Specialized Contract Storage Simplifies Sharing

Although VPN is part of the answer, it isn’t a one-stop shop for sharing documents. VPN allows secure access, but your home internet connection is likely slower than your in-office network, and it gets even slower when you layer a VPN on top of your web traffic. Cloud-based storing and sharing are safer and simpler, enabling access for your team from any device with an internet connection-no VPN required. 

2. Specialized Contract Storage Simplifies Uploading

Uploading contracts to the cloud is one of many contract best practices. Employees often save vital documents to their local computer by accident. This has become even more common from 2020 on since many people are working on their home computers. A legal-first document solution integrates with your team's workstations and document-creation software so that the default setting is to save legal documents to your cloud-based storage. 

3. Specialized Contract Storage Simplifies Version History

How many times have you redlined a document thinking it was the final edit? Sadly, that is not always the case, and edits might need to be undone. You need a cloud-based storage system that has a fairly robust document versioning system to accommodate this.

Cloud-based document storage isn’t new, but it is gaining popularity in an increasingly remote world. Using a specialized system with legal-first features means collaboration, integration, and tracking become that much simpler for legal teams like yours.

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Next week, we’ll be back with three more reasons why legal teams need specialized contract storage. Want to learn more? Schedule a demo today.

Christina Sullivan is a Content Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.