The Lawyer's Guide to Buying AI

By LinkSquares Team



The legal professional is perhaps the single most-cited example of work that artificial intelligence software is ready to transform, if not eliminate outright. While AI isn't going to "end" lawyers anytime soon, legal professionals absolutely need to have a basic understanding of artificial intelligence and the impact it is poised to have on the practice of law.

LinkSquares' newest eBook, "How Legal Professionals Should Evaluate AI Solutions", can give you the perspective you need to brace for AI's impact on your legal team.

Before you decide to buy any AI solution, you need to know what AI really is, what it can do, and whether any particular AI solution can deliver on its promises.

"How Legal Professionals Should Evaluate AI Solutions" breaks down:

  • A reasonable layman's definition of artificial intelligence
  • Methods to distinguish real AI software from digital snake oil
  • The specific "skills" AI possesses, and how they apply to the practice of law
  • Practical, near-term applications for AI in the legal profession

"How Legal Professionals Should Evaluate AI Solutions" gives you the basic understanding you need to choose the right AI solutions for your legal team and -- more importantly -- to identify the supposedly "smart" systems that aren't worthy of your investment.

Artificial intelligence will absolutely transform the legal profession over the next decade. Some legal work will be simplified, while other legal tasks will be eliminated entirely. Legal professionals that ignore AI risk losing valuable opportunities -- and maybe their own jobs.

"How Legal Professionals Should Evaluate AI Solutions" prepares you for these changes, and helps you get ready for the AI solutions available today.

Are you ready to embrace artificial intelligence in your legal practice? Download "How Legal Professionals Should Evaluate AI Solutions" to start your legal team on the path of AI excellence.

Already got AI competence and are ready to start adopting legal-centric AI software immediately? Then contact LinkSquares today.


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