Contracts Self-Assessment Test

By Chris Combs

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Are you overwhelmed with contract payment terms and time inefficiencies when reviewing contracts? Are renewal terms causing confusion? Contracts will always need to be reviewed its a matter of how much time you spend doing it. Whether it is researching information in customer agreements, or completing diligence for financing, this takes both time and work. Why waste valuable hours chasing contracts? Thats why we created a "Self-Assessment Test" that can help you review these items easily.

This will help you determine whether you need to alleviate time-intensive contract work in order to focus on the core of your business instead. It combines a series of questions to get you to a result that conveys how well you currently manage your contracts. With a bit of help, you might be surprised how quickly you can move your business ahead of your competition.

Don't spend another extra hour on contracts. Download our Contract self-assessment tool today! Once you have completed the assessment feel free to email us at info (at) share your answers with us. We have some special tips based on your score.

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