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Power Up Your Contract Approvals

Contract approval processes can vary widely. Different contract types could follow a unique set of steps and different stakeholders might need to be involved based on contract minutia. 

For example, a contract worth over $50K might need sign-off from the executive team, whereas a more routine agreement under this threshold could follow a standard approval process. 

Without an automated process, you could be wasting precious time hunting for approvers or signatures. You also run the risk of sending paperwork with insufficient review, having missed a step in a long process.

With Conditional Tasks in LinkSquares, you can configure, customize, and dynamically assign approvers and tasks based on the content of the agreement such as contract value, territory, or other parameters. 

In our example, Conditional Tasks will assign the right set of approvers and create specific to-dos for them, as soon as the contract value is entered, helping you alert the executive team quickly and get ready to send the contract out for signature faster. 

With automated approval flows powered by Conditional Tasks, you’ll close deals faster and minimize risk, knowing that the right stakeholders are involved in every deal.

conditional tasks

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Jamie Fonarev is a Product Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.