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How to Maintain GDPR Contract Compliance with LinkSquares


If the European Commission is updating both GDPR regulation and its suggested compliant contract language, how do you keep your client contracts compliant over time? The answer is simple: Use an AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) system, like LinkSquares.

GDPR Smart Values

LinkSquares Analyze uses artificial intelligence (AI) to read contracts and extract key pieces of data, which we call Smart Values. With LinkSquares, you can identify any legal agreements that contain or lack these values, and categorize the contracts that include specific versions of these related terms.

Smart Values Helpful for GDPR

Data Breach Clause
Is your Data Breach language updated for GDPR?

Data Breach Notification Period
Do you conform to the mandated 72-hour notification window?

Data Breach Notify Immediately
Do you exceed the 72-hour notification deadline?

Audit Clause
Do you allow audits to include the data and records relevant to GDPR?

Assignment Clause
Does your assignment clause also include subcontracting rights and, if so, do they conform to GDPR requirements?

Confidentiality Clause
Does your confidentiality clause address personal data and, if so, does it conform to GDPR requirements?

Contract Data

LinkSquares Analyze also supports full-text search of your contract repository, and you can generate regular search reports against GDPR-relevant terms. You’ll know any time a legal agreement adds, removes, or alters terms such as: 

GDPR is a complex and demanding regulatory framework. It isn’t easy to comply with, especially given that the regulation is constantly evolving -- insisting that you regularly audit and update your contracts to keep them in compliance with the latest GDPR standards.

To do that within a reasonable time frame, you'll need the latest contract automation software. Contact LinkSquares today to learn more about how we help our customers with GDPR compliance. And, if you’re in the process of selecting contract management software, check out this guide that helps you with your evaluation process. 

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Alyssa Verzino is a Content Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.