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5 Internal Clients You Should "Wow" as a New General Counsel

adhesive-note-with-good-job-text-on-a-cork-bulleti-FHLK25JYou've just been hired as the new General Counsel at your organization, and one of the first questions you might ask is, "who is my client?" The easy answer is "the company" but the truth is you have several internal clients or stakeholders, each of which requires your attention if you and your business are going to thrive.

Client #1: Leadership

The General Counsel usually reports to the CEO or CFO, but your major stakeholders are the entire leadership team. The C-Suite hired you to remove the legal headaches that act as impediments to the growth of the organization. As a part of that, you will want to be able to summarize and report on everything you and your legal team do, and how it's helping the team move forward. 

An easy way to do this is to stand up an automated contract analysis suite with a reporting dashboard.  The dashboard should include key metrics that the rest of the team can see in real-time that demonstrate the impact of the legal team’s efforts on the business.

Client #2: Sales Team

Every sales deal gets sealed with a contract. That immediately makes the sales team one of your most important internal stakeholders. A major complaint from sales leaders is that when a contract needs to be drafted, amended, or approved, it slows down sales momentum. Anything you can do to introduce efficiency and transparency into the contracting process -- like adding a contract automation solution -- will help the legal team drive the sales forward and will win you friends on the sales side. 

(A good contract reporting tool will also help shine a spotlight on contract delays that may have been unavoidable, like when the contract is fully negotiated and drafted but there are delays in obtaining signatures. A good lawyer helps the client help themselves.)

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Client #3: Customer Success Team

The job of the customer success team is to get a client up and running quickly and, after that, to make sure the client doesn't churn out. In both cases, this department needs easy access to key contract data, and the faster and more complete you can be in responding, the better the outcome for the team. 

For example, if there is an implementation deadline or milestone that must be reached to avoid a price discount, the success team needs to know that. If a customer has the option to cancel for convenience, or has a renewal date coming up, the success team needs to know that, too, so they can prioritize "at risk" customers.

The easiest way to make Customer Success happy is to stand up an advanced contract analysis tool that automatically pulls relevant data from your legal agreements, then integrate your contract analysis into your CRM systems. That way, this crucial data is always at the success team's fingertips.

Client #4: IT Team

Your IT department has to be sure the organization is meeting service level agreements and other technical requirements included in your sales contracts.  Providing IT with easy access to those commitments will help the team deploy appropriate resources and prioritize projects to avoid contract penalties or contract terminations. Just like with Customer Success, providing this information to your IT team in a convenient and actionable way will allow IT to operate with clear direction to help secure revenue and minimize exposure.

Client #5: The Legal Team

Your in-house legal team doesn't charge by the hour, so there's no reason you or they should have to live with inefficient or unpleasant tools and processes. Automate everything you can to help focus your team on providing substantive legal work.  Identifying and eliminating the time-intensive, process-oriented tasks will allow your legal professionals to make a greater impact on the business, and in turn, drive more value.

LinkSquares Can Help

LinkSquares offers the most advanced, full-featured contract automation solution on the market. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, LinkSquares can improve your contract drafting process, shorten time to execution, massively simplify and scale up your contract analysis, and integrate into the most vital productivity solutions in your business, turning your legal team into a strategic asset.

If you're ready to wow every single internal client in your organization, contact LinkSquares today.

Tim Parilla is the Chief Legal Officer at LinkSquares.