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How to Leverage Contract Data with LinkSquares API

From finance to legal to procurement, every team across an organization runs on contracts. But they work within their disparate systems, creating data silos that waste time and strain relationships. 

With the LinkSquares API, you can integrate LinkSquares with any business system your organization uses. Save time by connecting all of your tools to easily collaborate – no matter where you work.

Let's dig into the “who” and the “how” of contract work. Here’s how contracts are managed across five key departments of an organization.

#1 Sales:

When drafting contracts, sales reps go back and forth with legal to finalize contract terms through redlines. This can create lengthy turnaround times, long deal cycles, and lost revenue. 

Our API seamlessly integrates LinkSquares with sales’ favorite system, whether it’s Salesforce or HubSpot, allowing them to accelerate deals with the contract data they need at their fingertips. Enriching systems with data points such as Effective Date and Termination Date gives sales the ability to work with contracts autonomously and close deals faster.

#2 Customer Success:

Contracts provide historical knowledge of customer relationships for better service and a smooth renewal process. Without access to LinkSquares, customer success lacks visibility and relies on the legal team for the information they need. 

Connect LinkSquares with success platforms — like Gainsight or Totango — to better track the health of key accounts and execute renewals and upsells efficiently. Having quick and easy access to Auto-Renewal clauses and dates allows proactive planning for managing relationships and satisfying customer expectations. 

#3 Finance:

Without access to the company’s contracts, finance teams struggle to pull and measure the financial implications within them. This makes budget planning that much more complicated. 

Integrate tools that finance relies on — like NetSuite or SAP — with LinkSquares to make data like invoice metrics and dates accessible without jumping around systems. Confidently forecast revenue in the system you love.

#4 Procurement:

When procurement contracts enter LinkSquares, key contract terms and metadata are extracted, allowing legal to quickly find information. 

Connecting Linksquares to the systems procurement teams know — like Coupa — provides quick access to contract data like Price Change Notification or the stipulations of a Force Majeure Clause. With better visibility, procurement can better understand what vendor agreements are in place and how to manage them. 

#5 Compliance:

Quick response times are critical when compliance is handling a data breach or privacy concern. Identifying and responding to affected customers takes longer when they need to rely on legal for information. 

Enriching compliance systems with contract data gives immediate insight into how to handle customer data. With broad access to the contents of customer contracts, compliance teams can proactively address privacy and data concerns, mitigating risk to the organization. 


New call-to-actionUnlock your contract data to improve the way teams interact with your contracts and each other. Take the friction out of collaboration and empower teams to work where they want to work with LinkSquares API. Explore LinkSquares API today. 

Colleen Matthews is a Product Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.