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LinkSquares’ Approach to Developing AI

Written by: Gavril Bilev, PhD, Senior Data Scientist, Mark Mace, PhD, Senior Data Scientist; Kiren Latka, JD, Director of Legal Engineering, and Eliana Lee, JD, MSDS, Legal Engineer

The strength of AI comes from its ability to deliver highly-accurate results faster than humanly possible. But when it comes to understanding how AI works and whether it can live up to its promise, oftentimes business leaders are left scratching their heads. Or worse, stuck in a lengthy and costly implementation of a new tool with no results to show for it. 

The AI developed at LinkSquares is fundamentally different from that at other companies. But if you do not have expertise in data science, it can be difficult to discern both how it is different and what impact it will have on you. In this document, we break down some of the key differences in our approach to developing the AI that’s foundational to the LinkSquares product. 

#1 LinkSquares AI is built entirely in-house with input from customers 

LinkSquares’ AI is developed with input and guidance from customers by experts including attorneys that are highly-skilled AI developers known as legal engineers. These developers work in collaboration with seasoned data scientists and AI engineers to deliver robust, up-to-date AI models that can support a modern legal team’s needs. Unlike other companies, LinkSquares owns the full AI development stack and trains our proprietary AI exclusively on legal documents. This means our team can build models that are fine-tuned for specific nuances in legal language and easily make adjustments to current trends in the legal industry without relying on third parties.

#2 LinkSquares AI is more accurate than other AI on the market

In order to develop the AI models that power Smart Values, LinkSquares uses millions of contracts populated with actionable data. To train the AI, LinkSquares uses experts to annotate, or extract the actionable data within the agreement. Since accurate annotations drive LinkSquares’ AI devlopment, LinkSquares has implemented a specialized process to ensure the highest accuracy. With this level of accuracy, legal teams no longer need to worry about second-guessing their contract management system or its AI capabilities because LinkSquares can extract reliable, accurate data every time. 

#3 LinkSquares updates the AI regularly to stay current with legal trends 

LinkSquares' AI training dataset contains millions of contracts that encompass different scenarios in an ever-evolving legal landscape. To keep LinkSquares AI current with the most timely language, our in-house legal engineering team constantly monitors new developments in the legislation, compliance, and regulatory environment. Since we develop our own AI, we can quickly deliver new Smart Values to keep up with the current trends without relying on a third party. And, the AI updates are already included as part of LinkSquares, at no additional cost or effort on the customers’ end.

Key Metrics for Legal Teams

#4 LinkSquares’ customer-driven approach to Smart Values

LinkSquares Smart Value development starts with in-depth discussions with industry experts and customers. In doing so, LinkSquares can extract data that’s built around legal team needs and provides unparalleled value. After conducting initial research, LinkSquares’ data science and legal engineering teams scope the Smart Value to identify the parameters that ensure the highest level of accuracy. 

Every Smart Value goes through a rigorous training process to meet the performance standards for precision and accuracy. Once Smart Values meet these standards, our team adds them to LinkSquares for customers’ use and maintains them on an ongoing basis to stay current with evolving legal language. LinkSquares takes the burden off the customers and ensures the system is delivering accurate, actionable insights, with minimal effort.

#5  LinkSquares can build Custom Smart Values for you

Customers may also request Smart Values that are specific to their organization’s contracts. And, having worked with dozens of customers to develop Custom Smart Values, LinkSquares’ team of qualified legal engineers and data scientists can develop a Custom Smart Value to fit the customer’s specific requirements within existing contracts. 

Contrary to the do-it-yourself model, LinkSquares experts scope out the value for consistency and accuracy, monitor and maintain the value to ensure it stays accurate over time even with an influx of contracts, and fix the value in case there is an issue. This way, the Custom Smart Values continue delivering valuable data in the long term, without putting the onus on your legal team to maintain them. 

#6 LinkSquares layers on human QA as part of its proprietary OCR process 

Converting an image, like a scanned PDF, to text requires optical character recognition (OCR). OCR technology isn’t perfect so when it’s confronted with a poor resolution scan it can return unusable text. The only way to ensure that OCR accurately converts contract language to text is to bring in humans for quality assurance to plug the technology gaps. By layering human reviewers into the OCR process, LinkSquares provides a secondary review layer to plug the shortcomings of the OCR and ensure reliable picture-to-text conversions that serve as the foundation for reliable AI results. 

With LinkSquares, you get the most accurate AI on the market which helps your legal team get speed up their contract management processes, surface better insights, improve collaboration every step of the way. Want to see it for yourself? Contact LinkSquares today