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Employee Spotlight: Eliana Lee

Legal Engineer Eliana Lee sat down with the LinkSquares People Team to discuss what a typical day is like for her (spoiler alert: it’s never typical.) She also discusses the reason she pursued a data science degree in addition to her JD, and why she chose LinkSquares over other employment opportunities.

  • What do you do at LinkSquares? 

My job and tasks vary from day to day and depend on various product roadmaps but they generally fall into a few different categories. These include legal AI model (Smart Value) development, training and educating other teams about AI, working closely with data science, and writing thought leadership articles and LinkedIn posts as the Legal Tech & AI Champion influencer for LinkSquares

  • What does a typical day consist of for you? 

Every day is different since there is always something new and exciting to discuss and develop! I balance my duties between meetings as well as many different solo tasks, such as developing a new AI model (Smart Value), answering AI model (Smart Value) questions, working on the product roadmap for Legal Engineering, and updating various Legal Engineering processes. 

  • What’s different about our Legal Engineering team? 

Our Legal Engineering team consists of attorneys who have extensive legal AI development experience and often additional graduate degrees such as in data science or analytics as well. We are unique in that we are not traditional engineers, we engineer a process instead. 

  • What do you like best about LinkSquares?

I am inspired every day by my boss and mentor, the incredible Director of Legal Engineering. She wants everyone on her team to succeed and is an encouraging, supportive, and innovative voice that leads with her extensive knowledge and love of legal AI development. 

  • Why did you choose LinkSquares over other options? 

I was so excited to find a role where I would actually be involved in developing legal AI models, that is the reason I obtained a Data Science graduate degree in addition to the JD (Doctorate of Law). Another reason is the welcoming and encouragement that I have experienced from everyone I have connected with at LinkSquares.

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Oh, and don’t forget to follow Eliana on LinkedIn and her dog Bao the Shih Tzu dog on TikTok.

Christina Sullivan is a Content Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.