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Draft and Review Agreements in Microsoft Word

How many of us can count on one hand the number of open applications we have on our computer? Not many. All the open tabs and the constant back and forth between systems can start to seem like an occupational hazard. That’s especially true when it comes to drafting and editing contracts. 

For legal teams, Microsoft Word is their agreement drafting sidekick. They’re in Word every single day creating and revising contracts. But the work doesn’t stop there. The agreements are then reviewed and approved in a completely different system — their CLM. 

This leads to seesawing between Microsoft Word and your CLM — drafting an agreement in Word, downloading the file, uploading it to review with the team, downloading the file again, and then going back to Word to edit. Sound familiar? 

It can be dizzying, taking up valuable time during your busy day and opening you up to risk. Between downloading and uploading documents, it’s easy to grab the wrong one. It happens to the best of us. 

With the LinkSquares Finalize for Microsoft Word, you can draft your agreements and share them in Finalize—all without leaving Microsoft Word.



Stuck constantly switching between Word, email, and your contract repository? With Finalize for Microsoft Word you can easily open documents in Word — on your desktop or browser — and save them back into Finalize without having to download the file. Now that's a streamlined agreement drafting and review process!

Wondering if the agreement has been reviewed? Stay on top of notifications and comments from LinkSquares Finalize while drafting and editing in Word. No more hopping back and forth between platforms or waiting for an email update. 

Unsure if you uploaded Version 3 or Version 3.1 of the agreement? Eliminate the need to upload and download files by integrating Word with LinkSquares. Get instant visibility into an agreement’s stage and version history.

Streamline your agreement editing process and draft and review agreements in one place with  LinkSquares Finalize for Microsoft Word

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Ashley Gaines is a Product Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.