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3 Reasons You Need a CLM With Built-in eSignature

With budgets tightening these days, many legal teams are searching for ways to become more efficient and do more with less. It’s become increasingly difficult to justify the time and money spent on standalone tools that only do one thing – no matter how well they do it. Consolidating your vendor list is one of many ways to increase your legal team's efficiency. 

Looking for a place to start? Consider your eSignature tool. 

Legal teams are working in their contract management system day in and day out. Yet, after spending time drafting, reviewing, and approving an agreement, they often find themselves switching to another tool just to send it out for signature.  

Once executed, the agreement versions and audit logs end up spread across multiple systems. With an eSignature tool built into your contract management system, everything lives in one place.  

Benefits of a CLM with eSignature

1. Use Your Time More Efficiently

When you use a CLM with built-in eSignature, you can manage and track your agreements in a single platform — from drafting to signature. 

LinkSquares Sign is built into the LinkSquares platform, eliminating the hassle and risk of jumping between different systems. No opening new tabs, signing into another tool, or downloading files. 

2. Centralize Your Contract Repository

It’s hard to fulfill the obligations of a contract that you cannot find. Or prove the validity of an agreement when your audit logs live in multiple locations. This problem often arises when contract drafting, signing, and storage are treated as separate parts of the contract management process.

Effectively organize your agreements by keeping everything in one place — your contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform. LinkSquares Sign empowers users to sign contracts from the same place you draft, redline, review, and approve them, which means you always know where they are.

With LinkSquares Sign, signed agreements and signature certificates are automatically pushed to your contract repository, so you can stop searching for documents in multiple systems.

Furthermore, Sign is designed to comply with UETA, ESIGN, and eIDAS regulations. Every action is stored on a single, downloadable audit log for comprehensive auditing. 

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3. Get Insight Into the Status of Your Contracts

Sometimes deals get stuck. There’s no denying that. To keep agreements moving, you need to know if and where to intervene to get an agreement executed quickly. 

With LinkSquares, you get comprehensive tracking at every stage of your agreements, including real-time signature request tracking, so you always know where your agreements stand, who has the pen, and who needs to sign. 

And if you’re worried that you’re the one slowing down deals, get an at-a-glance view of agreements that require your signature, so you can keep deals moving.


Treating signing as a separate aspect of the contract process can leave legal teams overpaying for features they don’t need and stuck with documents in multiple systems. 

Why overpay for a standalone tool when you can draft, review, and send agreements out for signature in one place? When you use a CLM with built-in eSignature, you can empower your legal teams to move faster and do more with less.

See how LinkSquares Sign can help your business move into the 22nd Century. Request a demo today.

Ashley Gaines is a Product Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.